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Find My EIN Number

Answered: Can I find my EIN number online? How do I find my IRS EIN number?

How to Verify an EIN Number

If the EIN owner cannot find your EIN confirmation letter from the IRS, contact the IRS. If the person who needs to retrieve the EIN is not an authorized representative of the company, he or she may request that an actual authorized representative complete IRS Form 2848 Tax Information Authorization.

What does filing a UCC mean?

A UCC filing is a form that creditors submit. When a company decides to take out a secured loan, the creditor is required to notify the public of its interest in the company’s assets.

3 Steps on How to Register a Business Name

When an owner names his or her business, he or she must file the name with the state in which they are operating. There are several steps to registering a business name.

5 Tips Before Hiring A LLC Lawyer

Compared to running a corporation, there are fewer formalities required in operating an LLC. While it is true that LLC operating agreements often arrange for annual meetings, these meetings are not required by California law.

7 Tips on How to Get a DBA in California

A DBA, otherwise known as a “doing business as,” is a fictional name that an entrepreneur creates for his or her business. This name is separate and distinguishable from the company’s legal name.

9 Tips for Managing Family-Owned Business

Successful family-owned businesses always think about the future. Succession plans are important, since the future success of the business relies on talented and passionate younger relatives. It is also important that the family identify and invest in talented and passionate employees, even those outside the family, because these individuals might create excellent leadership one day.

5 Easy Negotiation Techniques for Small Business Owners

For a small business owner, it may be tempting to fill silence with counter arguments and other methods of persuasion. But there are times when the best negotiation tactic is not to negotiate at all – rather, to be silent. Forget the back-and-forth banter.

10 Steps Negotiation Techniques for Business Owners

Some people are born negotiators. Picture a little kid setting up a lemonade stand and charging five dollars for a cup of mediocre lemonade. That drink is certainly not worth that price, but the kid convinces you that the labor it took to make the drink and the feeling of an ice-cold lemonade on a summer day justifies the price. This child is a natural negotiator.

What Is a Litigation Hold Letter?

A litigation hold letter instructs owners of certain documents or electronically stored information (“ESI”) to keep safe relevant evidence in the event of a lawsuit sometime in the future. A litigation hold may also be referred to as a “preservation letter” or a “stop destruction request.”

2022 California New Law for Bartenders and Servers Assembly Bill 1221

The 2022 law, Assembly Bill 1221, which goes into effect on July 1, 2022, will impact any business that serves alcohol by requiring said business to provide educational training to all its workers. The training program is composed of two parts: a course 3-4 hours in length and an open-book exam.

12 Steps on How to Start an Import Export Business

To many, the world of exporting and importing can appear exotic and lucrative. In reality, it is based on a lot of research and hard work. However, there will always exist demand on one side of the world for the goods, services, and products that shine on the other side of the globe.

Fifteen Habits of the Rich That You Can Learn From

As a business attorney since 2005, I've represented thousands of wealthy clients and business people. I've identified t some of the top habits of the rich people. While you might not emulate all of these, knowing about them could help you work harder and more efficiently. If you apply yourself, maybe your business dreams can become a reality.

17 Signs a Person is Considered Middle Class

How do you know if you’re a middle-class American? How do you know if that person you’re dating is a stable middle class? These are the seventeen signs a person is a middle class:

16 Steps for A Successful Small Business Partnership

Talking about business expectations and being open with your partner can mean the difference between a successful business that records record revenue and one that doesn't make it out of the starting blocks. The point here is to sit down with your partner or prospective partner and really get everything out in the open.

How to form a corporation in California.

Forming a corporation in California requires you to file an Article of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. However, there are other things you must do to comply with corporate law when forming a corporation in California.

Breach of Contract Law in California

To recover damages from the defendant for breach of contract in California, the plaintiff must prove all of the following: (1) that plaintiff and defendant entered into a valid contract; (2) that plaintiff performed under the contract or that performance was excused; (3) that the defendant failed to perform under the contract; (4) that plaintiff was harmed; and (5) that defendant’s breach of contract was a substantial factor in causing the plaintiff’s harm.
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