I invite you to read my former clients’ Google Reviews.

Hard Hitting Lawyer

Steven Gold

“As a former attorney for the City of San Diego for over 20 years, and as an attorney for 30 years, I’ve litigated against many highly skilled lawyers in court. Brad’s effective representation of his clients in high stakes cases and ease in the courtroom as a trial lawyer is comparable to the “big name” lawyers I’ve litigated against.”

Fighting Insurance Companies

Dan Miller

“My professional work has me dealing with insurance agents, adjusters, and claims almost every day. Brad’s understanding of general liability insurance is impressive and has exceeded my expectations. It is rare to find a solo attorney who has successfully represented and litigated on behalf of major insurance companies’ policy holders and who now represents individuals.”

Protecting Corporate Shareholders: $9.2 Million Verdict

Atia Co. LP v. Darwin Ting et. al.

“As a retired accountant for a major company, I am detail oriented and enjoy searching for numbers that do not make sense. Brad Nakase was great at analyzing over twenty thousand pages of financial and accounting documents, and after trial, won millions of dollars.”  S.N.

Protecting Investors Against Real Estate Syndicates: $2 Million Judgement

Barker et. al. vs. Hayashi et. al.

“Brad went after powerful real estate syndicates that defrauded investors out of tens of millions of dollars. While other lawyers expressed mild interest, Brad Nakase accepted the case, relentlessly went after the perpetrators, and won nearly $2 million for his clients.” M.N.

Serving Bio-Tech Executives

Randy Stephenson, Pharmaceutical Data

“As a professional with 20 years of pharmaceutical experience, I understand the importance of functioning under regulatory requirements. As an attorney, Brad brings with him years of successful trial experience along with the ability to identify with emotional issues when logic falls short; having an attorney on your side who is smart, capable, logical and has emotional intelligence is a must.”

My Client’s Success is My Success!

Claudia Estrada, San Diego.

“I had a major legal obstacle that other lawyers could not help me overcome. When I met with Brad, he immediately knew what to do; he explained to me a clear strategy in words I understood. Brad changed my life and made it better. I cannot speak highly enough about his character. He is selfless and cares about the work he provides for everyone who seeks his counsel and advice.”

Empowering the Poor

Brad is dedicated to empowering the poor who would not otherwise have access to lawyers. The State Bar of California recognized Brad by giving him the prestigious Wiley W. Manuel Award which recognizes legal professionals who contribute 50 hours of free legal services annually.

Serving Elders

Evalia Toledo, San Diego

“My husband, I had a problem and was informed that it had no solution. We met with Brad, who – within an hour of our meeting – proposed a creative solution that no one identified. Our life-changing challenges were dissolved, and life improved. My husband and I are grateful to find Brad and trust him with no reservations.”

Home Run!

Calvin Luong, Electrical Engineer

“My family consulted with a several lawyers who didn’t give us much hope concerning a potentially life changing matter for one of our family members. Then, we consulted with Brad who patiently and in length explained a strategy; Brad’s outside the box thinking led to a successful outcome that my family and I wished for! At the bottom of the 9th inning, 2 points behind, 2 outs, 2 on base, and Brad hits a home run!

Exceeding Expectations

Henry Fong, Aerospace Engineer

“As an aerospace engineer, I obsess over the details of the technology that I’m part of developing; technology that performs under incredible demands. In helping my family, Brad exceeded my demands: integrity, solutions, successful outcome, on time, and on budget. My family and I have great confidence in Brad in handling sensitive and potentially life-changing matters.”

Protecting Small Businesses

Van Trang, small business owner.

“Brad helped me stand strong against a shakedown lawsuit by predatory lawyers. My business, along with several other businesses, were targets of extortionate disability lawsuits. The lawsuit demanded an exorbitant amount of money from my business which would have bankrupted my company. Other companies that were sued and I hired Brad to protect us. Brad successfully saved my business; further, Brad waived his legal fees.”

Going After Lawyers (Shark Fight)

Alfonso Aguilar, Marketing Strategist

“I would highly recommend Mr Brad Nakase to anyone looking for an honest aggressive attorney. I hired Brad for a labor law case and I was impressed from start to finish. He didn’t try to razzle dazzle me in the first consultation, he was forthright from the start. I highly respected that. He or his staff are always available for questions, he is great with paperwork and follows through aggressively until the end. Thank you for getting me through this difficult time and being kind throughout the process.”

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