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CA Civil Litigation Lawyer in California. Civil litigation is full of complexity because it comprises a broad range of legal issues. Attorney Brad Nakase takes pride in successfully litigating civil cases for years. As you need a robust and experienced CA civil litigation lawyer by your side, Brad Nakase is ready, able, and willing resolve your problem. We will assist you in these counties: San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside.

Three essential factors play a critical role in the outcome of a civil lawsuit: experience, knowledge, and a clear strategy. Brad Nakase has command over these three factors.

Since 2005, Brad Nakase has been fighting for his clients with the utmost dedication and unwavering attitude. Brad Nakase will not only help you file the lawsuit but will also help prosecute the responsible party.

If someone has sued you, Brad Nakase as a former insurance defense lawyer will defend you and go on the offense in protecting your interests. And even if you don’t want to go to trial, he can help you save the high cost of civil litigation trial through mediation.

A Determined, Strong CA Civil Litigation Lawyer

Brad Nakase understands that a legal dispute can affect your personal life or business. He is a knowledgeable and committed attorney who is known for zealously advocating on behalf of his esteemed clients. His dispute-resolving skills have helped him successfully represent businesses,  families and individuals in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Mr. Nakase fully comprehends the value of your time and hard-earned money. He helps resolve the cases of his clients with:

Cost-Efficient Model

Attorney Brad Nakase has worked at large national law firms, medium, and small size law firms. As with any business, the bigger the company, the higher the expenses, e.g., rent, staff, insurance cost, in house accounting, in house technical support. The large law firms generally have three lawyers on each case. The young lawyer fresh out of law school doing most of the research and writing. That young lawyer meets with the supervising lawyer and partner to go over the paper – three lawyers billing the same client. Then the young lawyer goes back and revises his work after criticism from the supervising and partner lawyer, thus, more billing. The young lawyer goes back to the supervising and partner lawyer; again, three more lawyers billing the same client. This model is designed for billing the heck out of clients and sustaining a machine that consists of many departments, e.g., accounting, HR, technology, legal assistants, paralegals, marketing department.

Nakase Law Firm is a boutique law firm where attorney Brad Nakase meets with the client, hears the facts, and prepares the documents. Unlike the large law firms, there is no duplicate or triplicate billing to the client.

Client Focus

What has made Mr. Nakase a successful CA civil litigation lawyer is that he tries his best to fully understand the requirements, objectives, and challenges of his client. Instead of rushing to find a solution, he takes his time to understand the goals of his clients.


Although Brad Nakase is superlatively confident in the courtroom, he understands that it is essential for an attorney to remain professional and courteous. He is known for patiently hearing what opposing counsel, witnesses, and judges say. One can say that he is an aggressive CA civil litigation lawyer who respects clients, opposing counsel, and the court.

A Determined Mindset

Mr. Nakase has made a name for himself as a CA civil litigation lawyer with a resolute mindset. It is because of the relentless attitude that helps him take an edge over opposing counsel. His attention to detail is simply remarkable.


Mr. Nakase’s clients can confirm that he is indeed an open, honest, and sincere lawyer. He believes that transparency is the key to winning his client’s case. People who have worked with him can vouch that he is a man of his word and he always honors his commitments.

Q: What is civil litigation?

A: Civil litigation is a legal dispute between two or more parties who seek either money damages (compensation) or equitable relief (asking the court to force a party to do something or refrain from doing something). A civil lawsuit can be filed either in federal or state court. Different conflicts comprise civil litigation, and a litigator usually specializes in a couple of areas. Some common types of civil litigation are:

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud and Negligent misrepresentations
  • Real estate transactions
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Construction
  • Employment & labor law disputes

More information: Civil Procedure Topics

Q: What is a litigator?

A: A litigator is a lawyer that specializes in civil litigation and represents the parties in trials, hearings, mediations, and arbitrations before state and local courts. He/she has civil litigation skills, including but not limited to, client’s development skills, negotiation skills, advocacy skills (oral and written), the capability to synthesize complicated materials (legal and factual), and others.   More information: Civil Litigation Book

Q: What is mediation?

A: Mediation is a process (more like a meeting) in which parties, their attorneys, and a mediator (mutually selected) try to reach an agreement by both parties. It helps prevent the case from going to trial. It is essential to keep in mind that the mediator can make no legally binding decision, and he/she is only there to help resolve the dispute. Mediation is a good option, and Nakase Law Firm also recommends it because more than half the cases get solved through meditation. If required, Brad Nakase also serves as a mediator, and he has a reputation as an impartial lawyer.   More information: Civil litigation for plaintiff and defendant.

Q: Can I file a responsive pleading in a civil case after 2-3 months?

A: No. A defendant must file responsive pleading(s) within 30 days in the California Superior Court. This period starts from the date someone serves you notice of the lawsuit. You can submit a responsive pleading in Federal Court in 21 days. More information: Litigation. The court can grant the other party judgment against you if you are late or do not want to respond to civil summon. Please contact Brad Nakase at 619-550-1321 to get counseling on what you need to do next and how one should file a responsive pleading in a civil case.  More information: Filing a lawsuit.

Q: How much can a civil lawsuit cost me? 

A: The cost of a civil lawsuit depends on various factors, such as the attorney’s hourly rate, the time it is taking for the case, the number of mediation sessions, etc. It is essential to understand that civil lawsuits can not only be time-consuming but expensive as well. That’s why Brad Nakase always counsels his clients to avoid litigation and only recommends moving forward with it if it becomes the only viable solution. His priority is to save his client’s time and money. You can call him at 619-550-1321 for a free consultation.

Q: Should I pay a fixed upfront fee? 

A: It is strongly recommended not to move forward with lawyers that demand a fixed upfront fee to represent you through the trial. Although some may dedicatedly focus on your case, most lawyers don’t pursue the case with much commitment. It is because they don’t have any other incentive. Brad Nakase has made a name for himself as the most trusted CA civil litigation lawyer. After all, he has $0 upfront fee, and he won’t charge you unless you win the case. One can get an idea of his success rate from the fact that he has helped his clients win over $13 million. 

Q: What are the different types of attorney’s fee agreement? 

A: Your lawyer may choose one of the following ways (or may choose a hybrid of two):

  • A fixed flat fee
  • A percentage of recovery (contingency fee)
  • An hourly fee

A fixed flat fee is not quite standard in a civil lawsuit because lawyers know that there can be several unknown variables and costs. In most civil litigation cases, lawyers prefer an hourly fee. Lawyers mostly prefer to take a percentage of recovery in insurance-related cases. 

Q: How long does this case take to go to trial?

A: It depends on what county the case was filed. In Orange County, it may take twelve months to get the jury. In San Diego, it may take up to two years for a case to get to a jury. The reason San Diego is slow is because of budget cuts.  

Q: When should I consider settling a case?

A: You can settle your civil lawsuit litigation case at any stage of the litigation (provided that both sides agree to it). Once you’ve resolved the case, the lawyers will draft a settlement agreement, and both parties need to sign on the drafts. It will forever end the lawsuit.

Need Civil Legal Representation? 

A strategy is a core to resolving any case. Brad Nakase is known for his clear-minded approach that enables him to cover every aspect of the case. If you need civil legal representation, there is no better option than Brad Nakase. He has the experience and resources to resolve civil litigation cases with a relaxed mind and a confident style. You can discuss your matter with him by calling at 619-550-1321 for a free consultation.

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