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Defending ADA Lawsuits

“Brad helped me stand strong against a shakedown lawsuit by predatory lawyers. My business, along with several other businesses, were targets of extortionate disability lawsuits. The lawsuit demanded an exorbitant amount of money from my business, which would have bankrupted my company. Other companies that were sued, and I hired ADA defense attorney Brad to protect us. Brad successfully saved my business…” Van Trang, T-Tek Auto.

Any business established across California must comply with California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act. California legislation forbids discrimination based on race, religion, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, and disability. Businesses must also comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. It prohibits any form of discrimination against Americans with disability.

Do you believe there is even the slightest possibility of you getting sued? You should contact an ADA defense lawyer immediately for proper guidance and the best possible legal solution.

We Understand!

ADA defense attorney, Brad Nakase, has invaluable experience working with plaintiff disability lawsuit lawyers. Brad’s expertise empowers him to handle your case from every possible angle. For years, attorney Brad Nakase has successfully defended many businesses across California taken to court for violations of the Unruh Civil Rights Act and ADA.

Smaller businesses are targeted more by plaintiff disability lawyers. On the other hand, plaintiffs only sue larger enterprises sometimes. It is mainly because of three main reasons:

  • Larger companies construct their buildings by following federal and state building guidelines to ensure that they comply with disability laws.
  • Smaller businesses do not have enough resources to construct by following federal and state building guidelines.
  • Larger companies defend their cases by hiring expensive law firms; smaller businesses must opt for settlements.

Either our ADA defense attorney will fight to get the case dismissed on legal grounds, or there is a negotiated settlement that our client can pay.

Why Hire Nakase Law Firm In Case of a Disability Lawsuit? 

Compliance with the Unruh Civil Rights Act and ADA is essential for your business. If you’re unable to do it, your business is prone to an expensive lawsuits and hiring an ADA defense attorney.

We Are An Experienced Law Firm 

ADA defense attorney, Brad Nakase, has a track record in defending ADA lawsuits. He takes pride in defending seemingly impossible disability lawsuits, and it is all because of the bold approach and seventeen years of experience defending ADA lawsuits. His extensive experience in ADA defense and Unruh, Civil Rights Act, enables him to help his clients from even the gravest of situations.

We Give Utmost Priority To Our Clients

ADA defense attorneys are expensive, and we understand that attorneys without experience handling these sorts of cases can cost you much money. Unfortunately, many ADA defense attorneys try to charge their clients unnecessary legal fees and costs by putting them through long-drawn-out litigation. Our foremost priority is to ensure you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary legal processes. ADA defense attorney, Brad Nakase, is known for getting his clients out of lawsuits early and inexpensively. He will never waste your time raising legal fees and costs. He will try to get the ADA lawsuit dismissed on legal grounds, or he can also come up with a settlement you are willing to pay.

We Provide Solutions from Our Support Network 

Thanks to our extensive network all across California, we know many disability experts. This support network enables us to bring your business into compliance and find a solution to the problem with a calculated yet practical approach. Sometimes, a simple sign for handicaps is enough to prevent a lawsuit. You’ll be surprised to know how we utilize our experience and knowledge of the ADA and the Unruh Civil Rights Act to dismiss cases of lawsuits on legal grounds.

We Deliver Satisfactory Results 

What makes ADA defense attorney, Brad Nakase, the best option when it comes to defending disability lawsuits is that he does not prolong the process. He has a relatively straightforward approach: dismiss the case on legal grounds, or if you approve, then negotiate a settlement. Usually, we only negotiate an agreement when there is a violation of the ADA and Unruh Civil Rights Acts on your end. Nevertheless, our primary focus is ensuring fast and satisfactory results are delivered.

Drive-By ADA Lawsuits 

Some plaintiffs’ ADA lawyers hire the services of professional disability experts that drive by businesses in search of any possible violations. These people look for any company that is not complying with ADA regulations, and when they do find one, they prepare themselves for another drive-by lawsuit. Therefore, your business needs to have the proper signage. It is because they won’t come inside your business and will skip your business and move on to another one.

Frequent Violations We Handle in Disability Lawsuits

  • Non-accessibility of the path of travel
  • Non-availability of the parking area
  • The height of the countertop is too high
  • There are some obstacles to the entrance
  • There are no required signage, striping or any van-accessible signage
  • The space between aisleways is not much


Q: How do I find out that my business complies with the Unruh Civil Rights Act and ADA? 

A: You can determine the requirements for compliance by several factors, such as the date of construction, type of facility, etc. You can also check more about these acts online or contact our ADA defense attorney at 619-550-1321 for proper guidance.

Q: I want to make my business comply with the ADA requirements, but I need help due to my current financial condition. What should I do?A: We fully understand your situation here, as times are tough. However, you need to know that an ADA lawsuit will cost more than making your business comply with the ADA requirements. In an ADA lawsuit, you’ll have to pay attorney fees, damages associated with the trial, and court costs, and eventually, you’ll have to pay for the corrections. You can call our ADA defense attorney at 619-550-1321 for more guidance on this matter.

Q: Are most ADA lawsuits insubstantial? 

A: Sometimes, ADA lawsuits are insubstantial. But you’ll be surprised to know that most of these lawsuits are based on some legal merit. Many business owners approach us and claim their businesses comply with these handicap laws. When we thoroughly investigate, we find out they are unaware that their business violates Unruh and ADA laws. It is essential to understand that some violations of these laws are minor, yet they are enough for a lawsuit.

Q: Can I get a warning letter giving me a grace period to fix the violation?

A: Although a plaintiff can give you a verbal or written warning, it doesn’t happen often. There have been various failed attempts to pass grace period legislation. There is the introduction of a 90-day grace period bill in Congress, but it is currently pending. Hence, the law doesn’t require the plaintiff to warn you before filing a lawsuit against your business. Therefore, you must fix any violation before someone files a lawsuit against you. If you are unaware of any breach, contact our ADA defense attorney at 619-550-1321 for guidance. You’ll be surprised to know that many businesses in California are unknowingly violating these laws in one way or another.

Q: If someone files a lawsuit against me, can my insurance cover it?

A: We highly doubt your insurance will cover it. Many insurance companies used to defend and compensate the insured in the past. However, not many insurance companies follow this practice anymore. You can contact your insurance provider, but expect a letter clarifying that they cannot cover you in this lawsuit.

Q: How much will I be fined for the violation? 

A: A plaintiff can get a minimum of $4000 per visit and other costs such as attorney fees, court costs, etc. If your business is in violation, we highly recommend that you not fight and settle the case. It is mainly because the plaintiff may be awarded more if you lose the case.

Q: How much must I pay to settle an ADA Lawsuit?

A: Although it depends on the plaintiff’s attorney, the settlements can range from $3000 to $7000 or even more.


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