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Employees work hard at their job, working long hours, solving problems, and taking the initiative. That is why losing a job can feel like a real kick in the teeth. However, an employer does not need to give a reason for the termination because employment is “at will.” If an employment termination was unlawful, it might be considered wrongful termination.

Unfortunately, many employers like to remind their employees that they can sack them at the drop of a hat. However, this is incorrect; there are some reasons for termination that make the termination illegal, no matter the working relationship. There is some discretion allowed for termination, but there are some cases where employment is protected.

These are some examples of wrongful termination:

  • Discriminatory reasons
  • If an employee has a term contract, the employer cannot fire the employee without good cause
  • Termination in retaliation
  • If an employee reported or assisted in the reporting of illegal activities

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What Qualifies as Wrongful Termination?

When firing an employee violates state or federal employment laws, it is a wrongful termination. Discriminatory reasons based on religion, disability, age, gender, race, pregnancy, or nationality are particularly heinous and are classified as wrongful termination. Nakase Law Firm’s wrongful termination lawyers will assist you in claiming damages and lost benefits.

Your damages include financial losses and pain and suffering. Our wrongful termination attorneys are experts in California employment and wrongful termination lawyers. They will help you put a number to your pain and suffering and prove that number. We will help you to collect:

  • Lost wages
  • Lost benefits
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost opportunities

As California natives, we want to keep California’s employers accountable and honest. We want to ensure everyone in our community thrives at their jobs and has excellent opportunities. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. We are so confident that we will win. You won’t pay us until we do! Our fee will be deducted from your settlement rather than you having to pay us directly. Since you will not be out of pocket, why not hire the best! Call us now for a free consultation.

What Are Wrongful Termination Examples?

There are certain things that California employees are protected against. Under the law, firing an employee for the following items is wrongful termination:

  • Firing an employee because of their race
  • Firing an employee because they reacted negatively or didn’t consent to sexual advances
  • Firing an employee for complaining about safety issues or criminal activities
  • Firing an employee because they are pregnant or have missed work because of pregnancy
  • Firing an employee for any reason that violates collective bargaining laws or labor laws

If you have been fired for any of the above reasons, then contact the wrongful termination lawyers at Nakase Law Firm. We can help you claim lost benefits, back pay, emotional damages, and lost opportunities. Wrongful termination is very distressing, and you deserve compensation for your employer’s illegal activity.

Our wrongful termination lawyers have decades of experience in California employment law, so we have seen the games employers play. We can spot excuses a mile away and will passionately disprove any attacks on your character that your employer hides behind. Many employers will claim that you were late, had poor performance, or were insubordinate. We look at your employer’s track record and see why they fired employees and if they had any previous wrongful termination lawsuits against them. We will also use your employment history, both at this employer and previous employers, to show that the reasons they are giving are unlikely or one-off situations for which you were not disciplined. These arguments will be the basis upon which we build a strong case against your employer. The stronger the case, the higher the compensation you will be able to receive.

Contact Nakase Law Firm at (888) 600-8654 to speak to a wrongful termination lawyer. We offer a free consultation so you can discuss your case with experts and see how we can help you.

Contact Nakase Law Firm at (888) 600-8654 to speak to a wrongful termination lawyer. We offer a free consultation so you can discuss your case with experts and see how we can help you.

What Can I do If I am Wrongfully Terminated?

In short: Get even, and hit them back. When you are terminated, you will face many emotions and stress, all of having to scramble to find a new job to support you and your family. If the reasons behind your termination are unlawful, then it is more difficult still to come to terms with your termination. You do not have to go through this alone. Speak to a wrongful termination lawyer about your dismissal to see if you have a case. If you have any reason to believe your termination was illegal, then consult an attorney immediately.

Nakase Law Firm are skilled wrongful termination lawyers who have helped California’s wrongful termination victims for decades.
Our attorneys know how stressful losing your job is, especially under unlawful circumstances. You are not alone, though. Talk to us about your rights and how we can help you. We will support you through the whole process and answer any questions you may have about your options.

Should I Sue for Wrongful Termination?

Should you decide to sue for a valid wrongful termination, you may get between $20,000 to $500,000 – depending on the facts. When you sue for wrongful termination, you can earn money damages for missed wages, benefits, and emotional distress. Learn more by booking a free consultation with our attorneys. Our priority is to ensure our clients are not financially penalized by the actions of their employers. We will push for maximum compensation and are experts in calculating and arguing non-economical damages such as emotional distress.

Free Consultation A Wrongful Termination Attorney

Wrongful termination attorney, Brad Nakase, will give you free legal advice about your case and tell you if your termination was lawful or not. If it was a lawful termination, it did not cost you a dollar to find out for sure. If it was unlawful, you have access to legal advice to help you seek compensation. Our lawyers will discuss your termination so we can build a strong case for your claim. We will look into every aspect of your employment and your employer’s hiring and firing habits to see if they regularly unlawfully fire employees. Everyone has a right to job security, so we want to show employers the consequences of wrongful termination.

With a skilled employment attorney on your side, you have the best chance of winning. All of our resources will investigate the circumstances of your termination and build an irrefutable case.

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