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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Did you know that over 1.7 million Traumatic Brain Injuries cases occur in the U.S. every year? That explains why the annual costs (direct and indirect) of TBI are estimated to be around $56 billion each year.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can not only affect the victim but also their family as well. It is the sudden damage that is caused to the brain as a result of a jolt or blow to the head. If there is a mild traumatic brain injury, it may have a temporary effect on your brain cells and there can be a brief change in mental state or temporary loss of consciousness. However, in serious cases the results can be torn tissues, bruising, bleeding, and other serious complications.

A traumatic brain injury (mild or serious) can have wide-ranging effects, both psychological and physical. After a traumatic event, some symptoms can appear immediately, while others can appear after some time (days or even weeks).

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (aka intracranial injury) occurs due to a blow to the head that results in disrupting the normal functions of the brain. As the brain floats in cerebral fluid, a sudden impact propels the brain against the bone of the skull which results in damaging the tissues and blood vessels. This creates a huge problem for the victim as the brain swells and the increasing pressure on it starts to create more complications. A traumatic brain injury can cause strokes, seizures, long-term complications or even death. In most cases, TBI is caused by vehicle collisions, falls, and violence. TBIs are classified as:

  • Mild: The person is awake and showing symptoms such as headache, confusion, and a brief loss of concentration.
  • Moderate: The person is feeling week and having problems in balancing and showing other symptoms such as loss of concentration for more than 2-6 hours, bleeding, and brain swelling.
  • Severe: The person is unconscious for over 6 hours and showing no signs of waking up. In this case, the person should be taken to the emergency without wasting any time.

Symptoms of TBI

  • Headache
  • Confusion
  • Weakness, dizziness, and balance problems
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Vomiting
  • Blurred vision and dilated pupils
  • Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak from ears or nose
  • Body numbness
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Coma
  • Brief memory loss

Types of Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Contusion – When there is a bruise to a specific area of the brain as a result of an impact, it is called contusion or contrecoup injury.
  • Concussion – This is a brief head injury that doesn’t cause a permanent brain injury. Its symptoms are a temporary loss of concentration, headache, and slight dizziness.
  • Traumatic Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (tSAH) – The space that surrounds the brain is filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and when there is bleeding into this space, the small arteries tear and blood spreads over the surface. It can result in several effects that can be long-term.
  • Diffuse axonal injury (DAI) – It is the stretching and shearing of nerve cells in the brain at a cellular level. The sudden movement of the brain inside the skull damages the nerve axons and causes it.
  • Subdural hematoma – It results when there is the formation of blood clots between the dura and the brain.

Treatments of Traumatic Brain Injuries

In case of a mild traumatic brain injury, there is no need for a treatment and doctors only recommend rest and pain relievers. If there is a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury, immediate emergency care is required to ensure that the body has adequate oxygen and blood supply. Medications are also effective, but emergency surgery is mostly the best option in a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury. It is because surgery helps minimize any additional damage to the tissues. Hence, surgeries are done to remove clotted blood, stop bleeding in the brain, and to repair skull fractures.

The Need of a Personal Injury Lawyer

Contacting a California car accident lawyer after a traumatic brain injury is extremely important. It is because an aggressive litigation approach is needed to ensure that you don’t have to suffer physically, mentally, and most importantly, financially.

Attorney Brad Nakase is a highly acknowledged California personal injury and car accident lawyer who has represented hundreds of clients since 2005.  He will take care of all the legal aspects while you or a love one recover from a brain injury.  Brad Nakase will thoroughly investigate your case and will try his absolute best to hold accountable all the liable parties.

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