7 Best Women Business Organizations

For women business owners, it is critical to develop connections with fellow professionals in order to create useful networks. There are plenty of associations that support women, and which can be very beneficial for small business owners looking for advice and fellowship.

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Women Business Organizations

Claire has just started her own spa business, through which she provides health and beauty services to her local community in Los Angeles. While Claire has found moderate success with her business, she has faced challenges as a young female entrepreneur. She wishes that she could find other women business owners to talk to about their struggles and successes, so that she can find the motivation and support to further grow her business. Claire researches women business organizations, unsure if they even exist. To her joy, she finds that there are many excellent organizations focused on female business owners, many of which offer networking opportunities and mentorship programs. Claire joins her favorite group and looks forward to going to its next social gathering in Los Angeles. She hopes to chat to like-minded women who have been where she is now, and who can offer her invaluable advice about finding success in the business world.

Why Are Women’s Business Organizations Important?

For women business owners, it is critical to develop connections with fellow professionals in order to create useful networks. If a business owner does not yet have this connection with fellow entrepreneurs, it is recommended that she join a women’s business association.

It is true that women often find business associations to be dominated by men. However, there are plenty of associations that support women, and which can be very beneficial for small business owners looking for advice and fellowship.

This article will review the top seven women’s organizations, taking a look at their benefits and the cost of membership.

What Are the Best Women Business Associations?

The following seven organizations are among the best in the United States for women entrepreneurs. Not only do they offer the benefit of creating contacts with fellow small business owners, but they offer invaluable sources of advice. Female entrepreneurs often have the odds stacked against them in an industry dominated by men. By joining an organization with others who have faced challenges in the industry, a novice entrepreneur has the opportunity to learn important lessons and hear unique stories from those who have “been there.” This kind of support is critical when it comes to promoting women-led businesses and encouraging young female entrepreneurs who aspire to own successful companies.

  1. National Association for Women Business Owners

One of the largest and most useful networking groups for female entrepreneurs is known as the National Association for Women Business Owners (NAWBO). At present, the organization boasts 10 million members across the United States.

The organization states that its goal is to empower American women entrepreneurs, as well as to educate them about how to run successful businesses.

A NAWBO membership will set an entrepreneur back $100, but luckily it is only a one-time fee. However, depending on the type of membership one chooses, there may be a $30 to $40 monthly fee. That said, once a member, a business owner will enjoy a number of benefits. These include the following:

  • Contact tools
  • Discounts on hotels and UPS services
  • Access to eLearning series
  1. American Business Women’s Association

The American Business Women’s Association is an organization that connects women across various professions and industries so that they can offer support and advice to one another. The organizations offers online courses and webinars to members, and it also hosts over 5,000 networking meetings in hundreds of cities across the United States.

To join the American Business Women’s Association, an entrepreneur will need to pay an annual membership fee of $115, with an additional fee depending on the local chapter. There are several benefits to joining this group, including the following:

  • Discounts on car rentals and insurance
  • Resume services
  • Job posting boards
  • Career coaching
  1. Ladies America

As a national organization of professional women across the United States, Ladies America carries the proud motto “Women Helping Women.” Established in 2005, the organization boasts over 3,000 members, all of whom are leading business professionals. There is nowhere better to go to receive great advice from women who have met challenges head-on and succeeded in growing their businesses in a male-dominated field.

Ladies America runs seven chapters in the following cities:

  • New York City
  • Washington D.C.
  • Los Angeles
  • Nashville
  • Seattle
  • Atlanta
  • Albany

Members of the organization are able to attend monthly social events and education seminars.

One of the best benefits of joining Ladies America is having access to their mentorship program. This program pairs novice entrepreneurs with experienced mentors. These mentors can provide invaluable advice on how to create a successful business, offering help in all aspects of creating and growing a business.

To join Ladies America, an entrepreneur must pay a $90 annual membership fee.

  1. The Female Entrepreneur Association

The Female Entrepreneur Association is a networking group that runs solely online. This group focuses on motivating women to create viable, functioning businesses out of their ideas and products. For those individuals currently starting a business, this group’s help and advice can be greatly beneficial. The organizations most notable benefits include the following:

  • Informational/educational videos each week
  • Advice for women in small business
  • A social community that offers support
  • Educational courses

The organization boasts over 5,000 members from more than 65 countries worldwide. It also spans more than 700 industries. For those looking for a diverse network or to make contacts overseas, there is no better organization to join.

The Female Entrepreneur Association offers a unique mentorship program through which members are matched with an accountability partner. This partner will offer support and advice to an entrepreneur, helping them reach their business goals.

Due to its popularity, there is currently a waitlist to join the Female Entrepreneur Association.

  1. Ladies Who Launch

The Ladies Who Launch organization has the goal of inspiring women entrepreneurs to grow personally as well as professionally. The group began as a response to a climate where women were not welcome in business. Due to its support for women in the business world, Ladies Who Launch has surpassed 100,000 members. It offers workshops, free events, and resources to women entrepreneurs.

Their website also offers free templates for contractor agreements and business plans, making it an invaluable source for those individuals just getting started on their small business.

  1. Office of Women’s Business Ownership

In 1979, the U.S. Small Business Administration founded the Office of Women’s Business Ownership. The program is designed to help women entrepreneurs develop their businesses, especially if they are facing economic difficulties.

Women’s Business Centers are located in almost every state. Some of the organization’s benefits include counseling, training, and other resources. The great news is that these benefits are all free.

  1. NY Women in Business

Women entrepreneurs based in New York should consider joining the NYWIB. There is little to lose doing so, as the membership is free.

Membership includes many benefits, such as access to educational content, the NYWIB directory, and a job listings board. It is also possible to network with other business owners and professionals through the NYWIB portal.


Joining a women’s business organization can be a great move for entrepreneurs, especially those new to the business world. Not only do they offer the chance to network with fellow professionals, but many offers benefits such as mentoring, educational seminars, and discounts.

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7 Best Women Business Organizations

For women business owners, it is critical to develop connections with fellow professionals in order to create useful networks. There are plenty of associations that support women, and which can be very beneficial for small business owners looking for advice and fellowship.

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