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Introduction to Self Employed Jobs

This article will give ideas for leaving your dead-end job or exploring self-employed jobs for extra income. For some people, nothing is worse than getting up in the morning and facing a long day at their tedious nine-to-five job. If this sounds like you, you may be tired of living in the same old rat race. The answer to your exploration is self employed jobs for a new career or extra income.

If you always pictured self-employment as an unattainable dream, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are thousands of individuals making tons of money while being their own boss and setting their own hours. So long as your work ethic is strong, you can find one of many self-employed jobs that will have you love waking up every day. The following is a list of the most profitable self-employed jobs created by a startup lawyer in Los Angeles to help you start a new and exciting career.

  1. Freelancer

If you want to work for yourself but do not want to go to the pains of starting a small business, you should consider becoming a freelancer. The cool thing about freelancing is that you have the freedom to choose your projects, picking only the specific jobs that catch your interest and suit your unique skills.

For instance, for good writers, there are endless freelance writing opportunities to be found online. When you first start out, you will probably need to accept lower-paying jobs until you build a reputation. However, once you establish yourself, you will attract projects from bigger clients who pay better. Other freelance jobs include graphic design and content marketing.

Searching online is generally the best way to fine freelance work, but you can also pay a visit to local businesses and see if they have any projects that need to be done.

  1. Open a home brewery

The best self-employed job is one that allows you to do what you love while raking in the cash. If there is nothing better for you than ending the day with a cold one, then the perfect self-employment opportunity might be creating a home brewery.

Craft beers are experiencing something of a renaissance, and while it can be hard to compete in the market, the possible rewards are worth the trouble. One bonus of starting a home brewery is the fact that starting materials are pretty cheap. By brewing and marketing your beer successfully, you might be able to start a small, profitable business with workers of your own.

  1. Interior Design

Everyone who owns a home wants their house to look its best. To achieve this, plenty of people turn to interior designers. If you have a natural talent for style, there is nothing stopping you from foraying into the world of interior design.

One great aspect of being an interior designer is the fact you can work from anywhere. This means you will never be stuck in a cramped cubicle. Some interior designers may choose to work from a physical office, but others offer their service via a website. To be a successful interior designer, you will require a portfolio that can attract clients and create a relationship with vendors of furniture and décor.

  1. Work in real estate

Being self-employed means that you can help people by doing jobs they would rather not do on their own. For example, buying or selling a house can be an arduous process. For this reason, many people prefer to hire a real estate agent to help them. If you possess a realtor’s license, you are permitted to work as a self-employed real estate agent. As you spend more time working in this field, you will build a reputation as a reliable agent, furthering your success.

  1. Organize events

If you are naturally good at throwing parties, you can work as a self-employed event organizer. Every year, people celebrate wedding anniversaries, holidays, weddings, birthdays, and graduations. Thus, event organizers benefit from having plenty of opportunities for work. You can help people plan their special events by identifying and reserving venues, arranging for catering, and decorating.

The best way to make money as a party planner is to offer your services to companies. Businesses regularly stage morale-boosting events for their workers, including dinners and parties. If you develop a reputation as the go-to party organizer for companies in your locale, you should be able to bring in a steady profit.

  1. Life coach

Do friends and family come to you when they need advice about important decisions in their life? If this is the case, you could become a self-employed life coach. A life coach helps people with some of life’s greatest challenges, including fostering healthier personal relationships and creating a better career for oneself.

While life coaches tend to help clients with every aspect of their life, you might choose to specialize in an area that interests you, like weight loss or career building. One of the best things about working as a life coach is that no training is required to get a job in this sector. The only things a life coach requires are the ability to give advice and good listening skills.

  1. Catering services

If there is nothing you love more than being in the kitchen creating culinary masterpieces, you can easily translate your skills into a self-employed catering job. At both small and large events, guests hope for delicious food. Most times, party hosts hire catering services to supply professional, tasty food.

One mistake that self-employed caterers often make is attempting to manage every event possible. It is a better idea to cater a specific kind of event, like parties or weddings. By focusing on a single kind of event, you can grow your reputation, which will bring in more work. You might even specialize in a particular kind of food, be it cakes, drinks, or appetizers.

  1. Technology repair

When you decide to become self-employed, it is critical that you choose a job that will bring an established customer base. For a job that comes with plenty of customers, there is not much better than technology repair services.

Often, individuals who have a problem with their phone or computer want the issue solved as quickly as possible. If you are tech-savvy, you can offer repair services for a fee. As well as fixing tablets and laptops, you might also help people construct computers, which will grow your market base even more.

Offering repair services for all kinds of devices can help grow your business, but you can also focus on a certain kind of device like smartphones.

  1. Personal trainer

Plenty of people care about being physically fit and healthy, but only a few individuals know how to achieve these goals. If you are passionate about fitness and helping people get healthy, you might choose to work as a personal trainer.

There are many ways you can work as a personal trainer. Some people decide to provide their services at a health club or gym. Others decide to run their service independently, in which case they visit their clients’ homes and help them achieve better physical fitness. You can make a lot of money offering one-on-one sessions, and this model provides the flexible hours you cannot get working at a gym.

Prior to offering services, you should complete a certification program, which will demonstrate to clients that they can trust your expertise.

  1. Tutoring

Every parent wants their child to do well in school. So, when a kid is having trouble with their subjects, their parents are likely to search for tutoring services. Luckily for you, this is another kind of self-employed job.

If you have advanced knowledge of an academic subject and enjoy teaching others, being a tutor can be a great job prospect. When someone hires you as a tutor, you will work with the student in a one-on-one setting, improving their understanding of a particular subject in which they are having trouble. If you know more than one language, you can offer online tutoring services to students learning English as a second language. Indeed, ESL tutoring is a very popular option, which means you can enter this field easily and make a profit right away.

  1. Virtual assistant

These days, both individuals and businesses must manage their profiles on social media. Alas, many people do not have the interest or time to manage their profiles. For this reason, they look to virtual assistants.

By working as an online virtual assistant, you can help individuals create and maintain their social media profile on site like Twitter and Facebook. If you partner with a company, you can create content for their profiles and perhaps interact with clients or customers. For internet-savvy people who love spending time on the computer, this is an attractive prospect for self-employment.

  1. Online merchant

Almost everyone has things in their home they would like to sell on an online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay. However, many people find themselves intimidated by the process of creating an account, posting their items online, and going through the sales process. If you are experienced with selling items on the internet, you can easily become a merchant on eBay.

This poses a great self-employment opportunity and allows you to work from home versus commuting to the office every day. If you decide to become a seller on eBay, you first need to identify items to sell. You might advertise that you can help people sell their items online in exchange for a small fee. The more goods that you sell, the larger profit you will make. You might ask your family and friends if they have items they no longer use that you can sell.

  1. Event or wedding photographer

Photography may simply be a hobby for some people, but for those who are interested in becoming self-employed, photography can be a profitable opportunity.

When people have a birthday party or wedding, they typically want photos to help commemorate the event. They usually do not want to take the pictures themselves, for then they would miss out on the party. By acting as photographer, you will help the hosts and guests enjoy the event while recording the occasion. If you want to be a self-employed photographer, you will first need to build a portfolio. This can be done by photographing events held by your family and friends. These sample pictures will help attract clients and book big events.

  1. Website translation

One of the most useful skills a person can possess is fluency in multiple languages. If you have this skill, you can find a profitable self-employment opportunity in translating websites.

When a company begins conducting business in a foreign country, they want potential buyers there to navigate their website with ease. This means that the original should be translated into the new language. If you are able to offer accurate, quick translation services, you can assist companies translate their webpages into other languages while collecting a healthy fee.

What are the benefits of self-employment?

Self-employment is undoubtedly an attractive prospect, but many people might be concerned that self-employment comes with a lot of instability. This may be true in certain cases, but self-employment is overall a great choice for those who are burned out from the corporate lifestyle. When you’re ready to start up your self employed job, contact our Los Angeles business attorney to help you start your new business.

The greatest benefit of being self-employed is being your own boss. This means that you are only accountable to yourself, and you do not have to worry about overhead.

Self-employment also allows you to set your own hours. This means you can work during the day or night, whenever you are most productive. If you love that 3:30 nap, go ahead and take it! Setting your own hours means that you will have more time to spend on your personal life, whether this means trying a new hobby or spending time with family.

If you are interested in having a more rewarding work life, consider diving into the exciting world of self-employment. Very likely, you will not regret it.

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