What Is Customer Appreciation Day And How To Celebrate It

Every year, on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October, businesses celebrate Customer Day by having events that improve customer relationships.

By Brad Nakase, Attorney

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What Is Customers Day?

Customers Day is a day that has been set up to remind and encourage companies to reach out to their customers and thank them for their business. A business should always be focused on improving its customer service and general relations with clients and consumers. Obviously, it is a lot of work to run a small business and manage the small jobs it requires every day. No doubt a business owner is endlessly busy, which makes it hard to interact with customers on a regular basis. That said, on a get To Know Your Customers Day, it is worthwhile taking time out of one’s hectic schedule to spend time with loyal customers and let them know how much one appreciates their business. For example, our business law firm celebrates customers appreciation day by hosting meet and greet for owners to network with other local businesses.

It is essential to bind with customers because they will be more likely to continue to patronize one’s business over competitors if they feel valued. Also, by forming relationships with customers, they will be more likely to provide valuable feedback for the company. This can also help a company know what products or services to provide, and which to improve.

How to Celebrate a Customers Day

  • Host a Reception for Regular Customers

One great way to meet with customers if to hold an event for patrons who regularly come to the business. This even does not have to be fancy; think light refreshments and conversation. This could also be made an open event to interact with even more customers. A business can also send invitations by email or traditional mail to customers who most frequently visit the business. If the company is planning to hod an open house, then it can post about the event on social media or its website.

Hosting an event allows a company to speak with its customers in person, get their feedback, and improve relationships. When a customer feels that they know the business and its staff personally, they are more likely to return in future.

  • Use Social Media to Connect with the Customer Base

Social media is an excellent method of communicating with customers. If a client or customer comments on a business’ Facebook profile, it is worthwhile messaging back to thank them for their feedback or insight. Alternatively, if someone messages a question on Twitter or Instagram, one should make sure that a customer service representative gets back to them as soon as possible.

Many small businesses lack the time and resources to hold customers appreciation events. Because of this, it is crucial to have positive interactions with customers online using social media platforms.

  • Send Out a Customer Insight Survey

Whether a business chooses to send out a survey by mail or email, it can help figure out a customer’s satisfaction level with the business, as well as areas where the company can improve its operations.

A note should be sent along with each survey, thanking customers for their business and input. Perhaps a business could provide a coupon or giveaway in exchange for participation in the survey.

By showing thanks to customers, people are much more likely to keep frequenting the business and telling others about the company. By valuing existing customers, a business can thus attract new ones.

  • Create A Customer Loyalty Program

As mentioned above, it is a great idea to reward one’s loyal customers as a way to connect with them. The more a customer feels appreciated, the more likely they are to keep patronizing the business.

One way to reward frequent patrons is to institute a loyalty program. For instance, if a business owner runs a bakery, he or she can give customers a punch card. Every ten punches, the customer receives a free muffin. If a business owner runs a retail store, he or she can give customers a gift card after they spend a certain amount at the store.

A loyalty program is a great way to connect with consistent customers and thank them for shopping at the business.


If a business owner is having a hard time coming up with good ideas for a Customers Day, he or she should chat with their staff about their ideas. Every business is different, and their customers will have different preferences as well. However, by taking time to thank loyal customers, a business can ensure that they continue to come back.

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