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The Los Angeles Business Lawyers at Nakase Law Firm work to help clients across a wide spectrum of business tasks. From creating an LLC or a sole proprietorship to offering consultation on business litigation, employee issues, or anything else. Our business lawyers in Los Angeles are familiar with issues that arise when starting and operating a business in Los Angeles. From articles of incorporation to business litigation, we have seen it all, and we are here to help you with all of your business needs. If issues arise between partners or shareholders, among employees or owners, or even among other businesses in the city or state, our Los Angeles lawyers can help sort it out.


Los Angeles Business Lawyer & Corporate Attorney

Our Los Angeles business lawyers are available to you at every juncture of your business journey. At Nakase Law Firm, we offer consultation on a wide range of business questions, from raising capital to commercial transactions and compliance questions, litigation with the Los Angeles City Attorney, as well as everything in between. For example, many entrepreneurs turn to us when they have questions about starting their new businesses, and we are happy to help.

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Businesses in Los Angeles

We are focused on business clients. We want our legal clients to be informed and aware of each and every rule and regulation they must adhere to, and we welcome questions. Our philosophy is not to dictate but to listen to our client’s concerns and help them resolve their issues smoothly and thoroughly. We are here to help you and to provide pertinent knowledge and information, not to tell you what to do.

Business Lawyers in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles business lawyers provide counsel and representation in many different areas, among them:

  • Business contract
  • Business dispute
  • Civil litigation
  • Labor law
  • Employment Law
  • Employer defense
  • Class action defense

We also provide representation to corporate entities, making sure they are compliant. Many of our clients are also small business owners in the Los Angeles area who need the help of competent business lawyers. We know Los Angeles County lawyers, we know people, and above all, we know business law.

Our Goals

At Nakase Law Firm, our main purpose is to serve our clients, and each client brings a different concern or question to the table. We will work efficiently to resolve your problem so you can move on to what matters. Each matter we handle is dealt with promptly, but we will never rush you. Instead, after taking note of the details, we offer measured ideas and solutions that will help you get back on track. We are aware that legal action, whether for or against you, is never easy. Our goal is to quickly find an outcome that our clients deem successful so that they can move forward with no more complications.

Our Solutions

Attorneys at Nakase Law Firm recognize that an early and rational business resolution is usually better than a prolonged conflict. Nevertheless, our Los Angeles lawyers are not afraid to go to trial, and we have extensive trial experience. What we can assure you is that you will receive the highest quality personal service from Los Angeles lawyers whose only goal is to resolve your issues. Our experience shines through everything we do, and that experience is why we are confident we can provide assistance.

Los Angeles business lawyers should not be expensive. Their purpose should be defending and protecting their clients, not generating income. Our use of cutting-edge technology will reduce your fees, so we can focus on the important aspects of solving your problems.

Whether you need help determining your new business structure, are eyeing a merger, or have civil litigation questions, our team in Los Angeles is ready for you.

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What Is a Gap Analysis

What is a Gap analysis?

Gap analysis helps businesses compare current performance with desired goals, identifying inefficiencies. This method aids in developing action plans to bridge performance gaps.
SWOT Analysis Example

SWOT Analysis Example

Conducting an HR SWOT analysis helps identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within and external to an organization. This process aids in developing strategic HR actions aligned with the company's objectives.

Costco Hot Dog Price Story

The story about Costco $1.50 hot dog price began in 1993 when the Costco merged with Price Club. Costco's $1.50 hot dog price remains unchanged in 2024.

Request for Production of Documents, RPOD, CCP 2031.280

Starting January 1, 2020, California's civil litigants face stricter discovery rules under Cal. Civ. Pro. § 2031.280(a). All produced documents must now be labeled by request number, impacting both new and ongoing cases.
What is a default judgment

What is a default judgment

A default judgment is issued when a defendant fails to respond to a lawsuit, allowing the plaintiff to win by default. Understanding this process is crucial for both parties involved in litigation.
What is a quitclaim deed

What is a quitclaim deed

Quitclaim deeds offer a quick way to transfer property ownership without guarantees, distinct from warranty deeds. Ideal for non-sale property transfers among family or into trusts, they require careful legal consideration.
Sole Proprietorship Business License

Sole Proprietorship Business License

Sole proprietorships offer simplicity and fewer formalities for new business owners, with benefits like no separate taxes. Remember, personal and business assets aren't distinct, impacting liabilities and the need for proper licensing.
What is the most important part of your business plan

What is the most important part of your business plan

The executive summary shines as the pivotal element of a business plan, serving as a decisive factor for readers to delve deeper. A comprehensive guide on crafting an impactful business plan, focusing on unique strategies and essential components.
Easy Businesses To Start

Easy Businesses To Start

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with these straightforward home-based business ideas, from e-commerce to creative pursuits. Embrace the flexibility and potential for financial independence with diverse options suited for various interests and investment levels.
What is the standard deduction

What is the standard deduction

Understand the IRS standard deduction, a straightforward option for reducing taxable income without needing detailed documentation. Delve into eligibility, amounts for 2023-2024, and considerations for itemizing versus standard deduction.
How to get a business license

How to get a business license

Grasp the essentials of obtaining a business license in California, focusing on local and state-level requirements. Uncover specifics on when and why different types of business licenses are needed.
Why Do Businesses Fail

Why Do Businesses Fail?

Uncover the key factors contributing to small business challenges, including financial obstacles, inadequate management, and flawed marketing strategies. Understand the role of a comprehensive business plan in ensuring long-term success.
What is a BOC 3

What is a BOC 3

Understand the essentials of a BOC-3 filing for transportation businesses in California, detailing the designation of process agents for FMCSA certification. Learn the requirements, costs, and benefits of choosing the right process agent for your business.
Standard deduction vs itemized deduction

Standard Deduction vs Itemized Deduction

Understand the key differences between standard and itemized deductions to effectively reduce your taxable income and potentially save on taxes. Choose wisely to maximize your tax benefits based on personal financial details.
How to calculate net income

How to calculate net income

Unveil the significance of calculating net income for business profitability, a key indicator for financial health and decision-making. Understand the formula and practical applications for determining net earnings.
Itemized deductions

Itemized Deductions: What they mean on a tax return

Optimize your tax return by understanding the differences between itemized and standard deductions, crucial for minimizing tax liability. Learn the benefits and challenges of itemizing to make informed financial decisions.
What are intangible assets

What Are Intangible Assets

Discover the value of intangible assets like patents and trademarks in your business, crucial for strategic and financial planning. Learn how to manage and amortize these non-physical yet essential resources.

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