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The aftermath of a car accident is extremely stressful. Not only are you trying to recover from your injuries, but you have to get your car repaired, deal with insurance companies, and worry about lost wages while dealing with all of the above.

Hello, I am Brad Nakase and I’ve been protecting car accident victims as an attorney since 2005. As a car accident lawyer, I want to help the process of filing insurance claims and secure you maximum money compensation. I will advise you on what money compensation you are entitled. I am a former insurance defense lawyer and understand how to get the insurance companies to pay you the most money for your injuries from a car accident.

The ads that you always see on television recommending that you call an injury attorney after an accident and that tells you not to waste time or you might lose the right to sue always do not inform you the circumstances in which to do so or the amount of time you have. This article will help you determine when or not it will be necessary or advisable to seek the help of an auto accident attorney.

Common Car Crash Injuries

As a specialist car accident attorneys based in San Diego, we see numerous different injuries that cause pain and suffering to our clients. From broken bones, to internal organ damage, and paralysis we have seen it all and know the compensation each injury is due. We will deal with your case with the utmost discretion and sympathy. We don’t get paid unless you reach a successful conclusion to your case so unlike the insurance companies you can trust we will work in your best interests.

Can I Claim Compensation?

When looking at if you are eligible for compensation the two criteria are as follows:

  • Was the accident partially or completely caused by another party’s negligence?
  • Has the car accident caused you or someone you love serious physical injuries?

This will help you determine whether you are eligible to claim compensation, any other questions outside that are used to determine how much you are due. If you have any questions concerning what could reasonably be defined as negligence or severe injuries please get in touch with the Nakase Law Firm so we can advise you on whether you have a case and begin building it with you.

The Insurance Company Is Calling Me, What Do I Say?

If you have hired a personal injury lawyer then politely inform the insurance company that your lawyer will be in touch and hang up the phone. Insurance companies are looking for ways to reduce their claim so anything you say might be twisted and used against you. They will try and prove that the accident was your fault or that your injuries aren’t severe. Even something as simple as answering “How are you?” could be used against you.

If you get a call from an insurance agency following a car accident, hang up the phone and contact us. We have decades of experience dealing with car accidents and know what tactics insurance agencies employ. We will speak to the insurance agency regarding your claim and ensure that they are unable to build a case against you.

As your car accident lawyer, attorney Brad Nakase will factor your medical bills both now and in the future as well as lost wages and any other impacts to your life, to determine the maximum money value of your car accident injuries.

There are straightforward, clear-cut claims that do not need the assistance of an attorney. The simplicity of a claim lies on various factors. The first factor is the clarity of liability. For instance, if the driver was clearly at fault and accepted it and if you have minor injuries with low medical bills and other expenses. The last factor is the lack of extenuating circumstance that calls for further investigation such as previous injuries on the same body part, complicated scenario, uncertainties of coverage, or questions regarding statute limitations. In most cases, you may not be aware of these facts and find yourself handling your claim on your own and hire the services of an attorney later in the process.

Therefore, the following is a list of a situation where you should seek the advice of an attorney;

  • Liability or if liability is shared
  • Lack of knowledge on how to evaluate your claim
  • By the adjuster for your medical records before the accident
  • Offer made by the adjuster and you believe the claim could be worth more
  • Proposal of a structured settlement by an adjuster instead of a lump sum payment
  • Lack of confidence in your competency to negotiate a settlement and in proving the claim of lost wages

These are the circumstances when you can consult an auto accident attorney;

  • The presence of extenuating circumstances making your claim more valuable, but you do not know how to prove your loss.
  • When the insurance companies deny your claim and refuse to reconsider, but you believe it is incorrect.
  • The settlement provided by the insurance company is too low
  • If you have a severe injury with a substantial medical bill with or without residual disability
  • The injured party is minor with more than slight injuries
  • Disputation of liability and you believe that you are not responsible or partially responsible for the accident
  • When almost one year has passed, and your claim is not settled and not aware of your state’s limitations.
  • Complex circumstances surrounding the accident which can be solved through expert investigation.
  • When you are served with a lawsuit by the other party.

If your case does not have a clear-cut, it is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an attorney before speaking to an insurance adjuster. It will save you from making a settlement that would damage your claim and regret later.

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