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Chula Vista Car Accident Lawyer

There’s no denying the fact that there are several causes of Chula Vista car accidents. Most times, for victims of such accidents, life doesn’t always remain the same.

From suffering physical injuries of varying degrees to losing income at your place of work or business, automobile collisions can be life-threatening. At Nakase Law Firm, we aim to help all car accidents victims in Chula Vista and ensure that negligent drivers are liable for their actions.

Below are four things you should know about Chula Vista car accidents:

1.     Car accidents result in lost income

When car accidents occur, persons involved lose their ability to work. Even if this disability is temporary, they lose their income for some days, weeks, months or even years.

If you cannot work, how do you take care of your family? Only a fair compensation from the careless driver’s insurance company can alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Other victims of the car accident including a spouse, passerby, and other passengers can also receive money to foot their medical bills and recover their damages.

More important, hiring a professional Chula Vista car accident lawyer is the best way to get your lost income and support your loved ones.

2.     Negligent drivers should be liable

California emphasizes judgment for anyone who suffers due to the negligence factor. In Chula Vista car accidents, this implies that the other party should be held responsible for whatever damages their actions produce.

Interestingly, the negligent party is unwilling to consent, accept their wrong, and pay the necessary. In fact, they get supported by their insurance companies who are typically interested in paying little settlements.

With the right lawyer as your advocate, you can deal with any negligent driver or aggressive auto insurance provider. Also, your lawyer might be able to get punitive charges to punish the other party for their wrong driving.

3.     Car Accidents are caused by many issues

Automotive accidents are the results of actions of distracted, impaired, and drowsy drivers. When a person operates their phone – texting or taking calls, focuses on playing music or other passengers, accidents are inevitable.

Equally, if a person has been drinking, driving for a minimum of two hours, or on medications (with drowsiness as one of the side effects), they could get involved in a collision.

Another key issue which causes automobile accidents is speeding. Being aggressive while driving or making rude remarks at other drivers could result in accidents. Apart from these, violating traffic laws, making turns carelessly, and refusing to yield the right of way could lead to a crash.

4.     Avoid Communication with the other party’s insurance company

Expect that the other driver’s insurer will call you. Don’t be forced to provide information other than your basic contact details to them. Do not describe the accident scenario or your injuries to them.

Instead, refer them to your lawyer. An experienced lawyer in Chula Vista car accidents can handle your case and find out from the insurance company whether a case in court is necessary to get your settlement.


Overall, know that you don’t have to pay upfront at Nakase Law Firm, Chula Vista. We offer our services on a contingency-fee basis. So we only get a percentage of your settlement when you recover your losses.

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