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If you have injuries from a car accident in San Bernardino that you did not cause, then seek the advice of a San Bernardino car accident attorney. A skilled auto accident lawyer will secure the compensation you deserve. At Nakase Law Firm, we see first hand the trauma of car accidents, and we want to help you recover.

Insurance companies can be relentless in their calls and questioning, even while you are in hospital. If you hire our car accident lawyers, we will deal with the insurance companies and negotiate a fair settlement. A fair settlement should cover your current and future medical bills, lost wages, and property damage.

I want to hear your story.

At Nakase Law Firm, we want to help our clients get justice and the compensation they need to recover. We offer free consultations with our car accident lawyers so you can see how we can help you. Our car accident attorneys get paid on a contingency fee, so you don’t pay us unless we win your case. We have recovered billions of dollars in compensation for clients, let us help you too.

The negligent driver’s insurance company will try any number of tricks to minimize the settlement. Our car accident attorneys will handle the insurance companies, so your case does not fall prey to any low-handed tactics. Brad Nakase used to work on the side of insurance companies, so he has seen it all. Our car accident lawyers are specifically trained to strengthen cases against the attacks of insurance companies. Book a free consultation with Nakase Law Firm to discuss your case and your rights.

What can a car accident lawyer do for me?

Nakase Law Firm’s car accident lawyers have skillfully handled various car crash cases, such as rear-end accidents, truck accidents, T-bone accidents, and motorcycle accident cases. Our personal injury attorneys can often handle wrongful death suits and have experience negotiating settlements and going to trial. With decades of experience representing San Bernardino car accident victims, we can handle any case, no matter how complex.

Nakase Law Firm’s car accident attorneys investigate your case thoroughly by:

  • Obtaining a copy of the police report
  • Interview witnesses to the car crash
  • Speak to crash investigation experts
  • Search for any CCTV footage of the crash, if any
  • Hire private investigators to look into the history of the other driver
  • Check for any possible defective parts
  • Examine the crash scene

Our lawyers at Nakase Law Firm leave no stone unturned when conducting an investigation. Our car accident lawyers will get the complete picture of what occurred, the responsible parties, and any that could be used against you by insurance companies. Our attorneys are fully prepared to take on your case by negotiating a settlement where you get the maximum compensation or by taking your case to court.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

After being involved in a car accident, you must get as much information as possible while at the crash scene. This information will be helpful to you and your attorney. Here is what you should do while you are at the scene of the accident:

  • Call the police right away. The police report is a crucial piece of evidence and proves the accident happened in the first place. You mustn’t admit any fault or give information if you are unsure.
  • Get the essential details and contact information of the other driver. Necessary information is their name, phone number, address, auto insurance, and driver’s license details.
  • Take pictures of the damage to both cars. As many pictures as you can of the scene of the accident.
  • Get the license plate number of the other car.
  • Take pictures of your injuries at the scene.
  • Take pictures of the crash site. Note: it can be helpful to check if there are signs knocked down or faulty traffic lights.
  • Write down as much information as you can remember while it is fresh. Which lane were you and the other driver in, what speed you were traveling, and which direction you were going?
  • If there are witnesses to the crash, get their names and contact details. Language is no barrier; we can hire a translator if necessary. Your car accident lawyer will interview the witnesses for your case.

How To Choose A San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyer

In a time like this, you need all the support you can get and have a trustworthy attorney at your side. Nakase Law Firm attorneys are directly available to you 24/7 and will keep you up to date with everything related to your case. Our attorneys will always be available to communicate with you; they will never leave you in the dark regarding your case.

Nakase Law Firm’s car accident lawyers care so deeply for their clients. They know that insurance companies will do anything possible to pay as little as possible, hence why our attorneys will be aggressive when fighting for your rights. Insurance companies will try to get you to accept an offer, but it could mean waiving your rights to any future compensation. Our personal injury attorneys will not allow this to happen; they will not let you settle for less than the compensation you deserve.

Nakase Law Firm attorneys have decades of experience representing San Bernardino car crash victims. Our car accident lawyers have a track record for success and want to help you.

What Should I Bring To My Free Consultation With A Car Accident Lawyer?

When you contact our car accident lawyers, you will have one free consultation in which our attorneys will ask a few basic questions about your case. You must answer these questions truthfully. If you don’t know some answers, that is fine; your car accident lawyer will investigate your crash. Some questions you can expect during the consultation are:

  • Where and when did the accident happen? Be as specific as possible.
  • Who caused the crash? 
  • What lane were you in? 
  • Which direction were you traveling?
  • What speed were you both traveling?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • Was a product defect or possible vehicle malfunction that caused the accident or your injuries?
  • Did you get the details of the other driver?
  • Was there video evidence of the crash?
  • Did the police arrive at the scene? Did they file a police report?
  • Were there any witnesses? Did you get their contact details?
  • Do you have any photos you took at the scene or of your injuries?
  • What injuries do you have from the accident?

The more information you can give our car accident lawyers, the better. Our attorneys will investigate your case so we have a full picture of the car crash.

Do I Need Medical Treatment After A Car Accident?

Definitely, yes, one must always seek medical treatment after being in a car crash. Seeking medical attention and treatment for your injuries is not just important for your health and well-being but for your case as well. You may go home after a car crash and believe you are fine, but you could wake up the next day with bad pain and injuries. Injuries could be internal, head-related, or even spinal injuries that can only worsen if you do not get medical help immediately. Seeking immediate medical help is very important.

Even if you are fine after a car crash, go to an emergency room immediately and be checked for any injuries. Insurance companies will be out to prove that your injuries were not related to the car crash. If you have a gap between the date of the car accident and going to an emergency room to get medical help, insurance companies will use that against you.

What Are Some Big Mistakes A Victim Makes When Filing A Car Accident Claim?

A big mistake car accident victims make is not to hire a San Bernardino car accident lawyer as soon as possible. They try to file a claim themselves to save money, but knowing how beneficial it is to have a car accident attorney by your side to do this is essential. Before you talk to any insurance company about your accident, contact a car crash lawyer and learn your rights. Speaking with an insurance company could cost you your case and compensation if you are to give incorrect information or any information that can be used against you since every phone call with them is recorded.

Another prominent mistake car accident victims make is not getting the information they need at the crash scene. Most people do not call the police, and they do not exchange insurance information with the other driver or contact information. All this information is vital to your case; they are critical pieces of information. Our car accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate and ensure they find all this essential information to help your case.

Another common mistake seen by our car accident attorneys is that victims of car accidents tend to ignore medical advice from professionals. Nakase Law Firm’s car crash lawyers care about your health and well-being. Hence we hate to see people ignore their doctor’s advice because it can hurt your recovery and your case. It is difficult to prove the validity of your injuries if you ignore your doctor’s advice. It is vital to have records of your medical treatment, recommendations for surgery, and rehabilitation for your injuries because insurance companies could argue that you only suffered minor injuries. It could cost you the chance to recover any compensation for your injuries.

Is It Difficult To Get Compensation After A Car Accident?

Compensation after a car accident will significantly depend on your case. As a car accident victim, you have a right to compensation. Getting compensation can be a smooth process, but it could also require an aggressive fight from your car accident lawyer against the insurance companies.

You can claim the liable driver’s policy limit for the documented damages, but only if the driver has liability insurance. Though your injuries might exceed the policy limit, that could complicate things. If this is the case, hiring a San Bernardino car accident lawyer will be necessary to help you navigate your legal rights.

It is essential to be aware that California has a two-year statute of limitations when making a personal injury claim. This means you have two years from the car accident date to file a lawsuit. A car accident lawyer can help ensure you do not miss any deadlines. If you don’t, then you will lose your claim.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyer?

Hiring one of Nakase Law Firm’s best San Bernardino car accident lawyers requires nothing upfront. Our car crash lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you do not have to pay until your car accident lawyer wins your case. At Nakase Law Firm, we know you have bills piling up, and we do not want to add to them. This is why we offer free consultations, and you will not pay us until we win your case.

What Are The Common Types Of San Bernardino Car Accidents?

Nakase Law Firm’s car accident lawyers have seen all types of car accidents throughout all their years of experience. The following are some of the most common car accidents in San Bernardino.

  • Low-Speed Impact – These occur all the time in San Bernardino’s traffic. Low-Speed Impacts tend to happen under ten mph and often result in whiplash injuries.
  • Frontal Impacts – When a driver hits a wall, tree, animal, or vehicle in front of their car.
  • Rear-End Crash – This is the most common type of accident in San Bernardino. A rear-end crash occurs when a driver hits the back of another vehicle. Often the rear car is distracted or speeding and is most likely the liable driver.
  • Side Collisions – These crashes are also known as a T-bone or side-swipe. The side of the vehicle is hit by another, resulting in injury to the driver or a passenger.

Why Is Negligence Important In A Car Accident Case?

Negligence means that one of the parties was acting irresponsible or illegally, resulting in a car crash and the harm or injuries of the other parties. Proving negligence means proving that the car accident would not have occurred if it wasn’t for the negligent actions of one of the drivers. Car accident lawyers will have to prove negligence, and then you will be owed compensation for your damages. To prove negligence, your car accident attorney must prove the following:

  • A duty to act in a safe manner – every driver on the road must act as a reasonable person. Also, they must adhere to the law.
  • That the defendant breached this duty – The car accident lawyer must show that the defendant did not uphold this duty. In court, it is up to the jury to determine if the defendant was negligent, but it is up to your attorney to provide the facts that will help prove this.
  • The actions of the defendant were the cause of the car accident – Your car accident lawyer must show that the accident would not have happened if it wasn’t for the defendant’s actions. Your lawyer must also prove that it is foreseeable that the defendant’s actions would result in harm and injury.
  • Damages – This is the first thing that your car accident lawyer must prove, that you have damages. Secondly, they must prove that the damages result from the car accident.

Why Should I Hire A San Bernardino Car Accident Attorney?

The aftermath of a car accident could mean a lot of inconvenience for you, including taking time off work, possible hospital stays and medical treatment, and suffering pain. It will be a lot to deal with, and a car accident lawyer will help you manage.

Five reasons why you will need a car accident attorney are:

  1. You will get a higher settlement. People often try to make their claims with insurance companies to save money, but only with the help of a car accident attorney will you be able to get more compensation. Our attorneys are experts in negotiating these types of claims with insurance companies.
  2. You will not pay legal costs until after we win your case. Although court costs are required upfront, our car accident lawyers will cover the costs. You will only have to pay our attorneys if they win your case.
  3. Our car accident attorneys have decades of experience. We always win car accident cases for San Bernardino car accident victims. Our car injury attorneys will help maximize your compensation and spare you from the stress of dealing with insurance companies.
  4. We know San Bernardino car accident laws inside and out. Our car accident lawyers know your rights and how to defend them. By hiring a car accident attorney, you get their decades of experience and skillful strategies on your side.
  5. Our auto accident attorneys are experts at negotiating with insurance companies. Nakase Law Firm’s attorney Brad Nakase began his career on insurance companies’ side. He has used his experience working with insurance companies to train our lawyers in what exactly insurance companies look for and how to negotiate with them.

At Nakase Law Firm, our car accident lawyers are ready to provide you with a free consultation. Call us at 888-600-8654 to learn more about how we can help you.

The Insurance Company Is Offering Me A Generous Settlement, Should I Take It?

At first, you might think that insurance companies mean well and offer generous offers, but these are offers that will less than likely cover all of your costs. Insurance companies tend not to consider future costs and lost wages; hence their offers are lower than what you truly deserve. Call our car accident lawyers today for a free consultation. They will talk you through the costs of your car accident injuries and just how much you truly deserve to be compensated.

Are Car Accident Attorneys Expensive?

After being in a car accident, you will face a lot of expenses. You will need to pay for your car repairs, you will lose wages for being unable to work, and you will have a lot of medical bills. It might be stressful to think that you might have to add legal bills on top of it all. Nakase Law Firm’s attorneys are understanding of this, which is why we offer contingency fees to all our clients. You will not have to pay a dime until we win your case. Give us a call today ace a so we may offer you a free consultation to discuss your case.

What Should I Do Before Contacting A Lawyer?

Before contacting an attorney, you must first make sure that you write everything down. Every detail you remember about the car crash is essential. Write down the time and date of the accident, the location, the injuries you suffered, how long you had to take off from work, and how the injuries have affected your life and everyday activities. These notes will be essential to bring with you at your first meeting with one of our car accident attorneys.

Just because the process of recovering compensation from a car accident is long, especially negotiating and dealing with insurance settlements, it does not mean you should accept an insurance company’s offer to end the process as soon as possible. You will end up walking away with less than what you are owed. Talk to one of our car accident lawyers today, and let us deal with the insurance companies for you.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

Immediately after being in a car accident, you will find yourself confused and overwhelmed. You might be injured or lost about what just happened. But there are some things you must know and do to help your insurance claim.

  • Do not discuss the accident. Anything you say to another driver, witness, or even the police may be used against you. Do not say anything about the accident to other drivers or witnesses, and especially do not admit to anything. When talking to the police, stick to the facts and do not admit fault.
  • Get as much information as possible. Make sure you obtain and save the other driver’s name, address, phone number, insurance information, and license details. Take down the names and contact numbers of witnesses as well. Your car accident lawyer will use these details for interviewing witnesses later.
  • Take photographs of the scene. Photographs will help prove the accident and, in some cases, prove liability. Take photos of all vehicles involved and damaged; photos from all sides/angles, including close-ups of the damage. Take photos of the road and the general area as well. Also, take photos of your injuries at the scene.
  • Call A Lawyer Right Away. The sooner you call a car accident lawyer, the sooner they can start work on your case. They will interview witnesses before they forget details and collect all needed evidence immediately, such as obtaining the police report. Your car accident attorney will also get started speaking with the insurance companies on your behalf.
  • Keep Everything. You should keep every document or bill relating to your car accident. This includes medical bills, car repair invoices, tow receipts, rental car receipts, and payslips with missed work. All these will prove your financial losses and help calculate the compensation you are owed.

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