California Business Law Attorneys

Our California business attorney assists California businesses to startup, grow, and thrive.  

California business attorney, Brad Nakase, focuses on providing personalized legal services. Since 2005, Brad Nakase has helped California businesses incorporate the business, business contracts to litigation services. Brad Nakase can help you form a corporation, employment law, breach of contract, or civil litigation.

What does a business lawyer do?

A business lawyer represents business clients in a business dispute, labor law, regulatory compliance, draft contracts, and litigation. A business lawyer responsibilities may include the following:

  • Manage many clients, litigations, analyze documents, drafting legal documents.
  • Assist businesses comply with state, federal, local regulations.
  • Negotiate and draft business contracts.
  • Analyze business functions for legal issues that may arise.
  • Legal research and analysis of business laws which may include labor laws and contract laws.
  • Work with business clients to establish corporate structure and employment policies.

Do business lawyers go to court?

A business that goes to court is called a “litigation attorney” or “business trial lawyer.” The labels are synonymous. Business lawyers fall into two primary categories: transaction lawyers or business litigation. There are business lawyers to help their clients with business transactions and business litigation. Business lawyers that go to court represent their clients for a myriad of reasons, including breach of contract, sued by an employee, and defending a class action lawsuit.

What is a business lawyer called?

A business lawyer may have a different position in a business or law firm. If a business employs a business lawyer, the lawyer is called an “in-house counsel” or “general counsel.” A lawyer that in-house counsel or general counsel generally works for large corporations. In-house counsel generally ensures the corporation complies with state, local, and federal regulatory agencies. Therefore, an in-house counsel is a “transactional attorney.” In-house counsel is typically not involved in litigation or go to court. When a corporation is sued or needs to sue, the in-house counsel will hire an outside law firm to litigate a matter.

Why do I need a business lawyer?

A person may need a business lawyer for startup, growth, labor law issues, regulatory, and litigation. A new business may require a business lawyer to incorporate a business or create an LLC for the company. As the business grows, a person may need a business attorney to negotiate leases and ensure proper corporate structure from directors to officers. Some businesses, such as investment brokerage, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, are highly regulated and may need a business attorney to comply with state, local, and federal regulatory agencies. A business may also need a business lawyer to sue or defend a lawsuit. A person may need a business lawyer to defend an employment lawsuit by a former employee.

How much does a business lawyer cost?

A business lawyer’s cost ranges from $200 to $750 per hour. A business lawyer cost depends on many factors, which may include the following:

  • Transactions or litigation. A litigation attorney charges more than a transactional lawyer.

  • Region. A business lawyer in a big city will charge more than a business lawyer in a small town. For example, a business lawyer in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego will cost more than a business lawyer in El Cajon, Riverside, or San Bernardino.

  • Topic. The topic involved will determine the cost of a business lawyer. A business lawyer assists a client in a simple breach of contract will cost less than a lawyer defending a business against the SEC. A business lawyer defending a class action lawyer will cost more than a lawyer drafting a business contract.

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