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Solana Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

 While most motor accidents result in some sort of injury, motorcycle accidents are especially dangerous due to you not being secured as the driver is in a car. If you or someone you love has suffered from injuries due to a motorcycle accident, contact Solana Beach motorcycle accident lawyer, Brad Nakase, and his team of professionals to help you get the compensation you deserve.

The Dangers of Motorcycle Accidents

 With winding freeways and long stretches of roads and scenery, California is the ideal place to ride a motorcycle, but it can become quite dangerous. Because motorcycles are so hard to see when driving, motorcyclists are often hit and ejected off of their bikes, causing injuries that can range from mild to severe.

No matter how safe of a rider you are, you are far more likely to be an accident on a motorcycle than you are in any other vehicle. This is due to how hard it is for drivers to see you on the road and their negligence to take precautions when driving. You are five times more likely to suffer from injuries if you are on a motorcycle than in a car because you are less secure and have less protection.

Data reveals a sad notion that motorcycle accidents are extremely common and most of them, if not all of them, suffered from some sort of injury after their accident. This means that if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, you are likely going to suffer from some sort of injury as a result.

What to do After a Motorcycle Accident in Solana Beach 

The most notable step to take following a motorcycle accident is to seek immediate medical attention. If you choose to not seek medical attention, you not only risk making your injuries worse, but this can also be used against you in your insurance claim. A Solana Beach motorcycle accident lawyer can help seek medical treatment on a lien basis.

Another important step to take following an accident is to gather evidence from the scene pf the accident, though this isn’t possible for everyone. If you are injured, don’t attempt to gather evidence because it can make your injuries worse. These following are things to keep in mind following your accident:

Injuries you may Sustain

After being involved in an accident, take a moment to survey any injuries you may have and how severe they may be. If possible, stay where you are to limit the risk of worsening your injuries. If there are others around, have them call 911 for you. If you are suffering from severe injuries, paramedics will often transport you to the hospital to get checked out. If this is the case, do not worry about the accident scene, just worry about your health. Stay calm and follow the doctor’s orders.

Gathering Evidence: If you are not too injured and feel as if you can gather evidence from the accident scene, do so. First, call 911 and wait for the paramedics to arrive. As you go through these motions, try to do the following:

  • Avoid the other driver if they seem drunk, agitated, or angry
  • Get checked out by an EMT
  • Report your side of the story to the police
  • Avoid any apologies that can be used against you
  • Take photos of the scene, the car, the motorcycle, and anything else of importance
  • Interview witnesses and get their contact information

After Care

After leaving the scene of the accident, head to the nearest emergency room or urgent care. If you don’t do so, you may have serious injuries that you cannot see, and this can be used against your claim. This will not only prove your injuries in the claim but will also ensure that you are healthy. As a Solana Beach motorcycle accident lawyer, attorney Brad Nakase will help obtain medical care from medical specialists.


Attorney Brad Nakase offer all victims a free consultation so that we can discuss your different options and what our office can do for you. As a Solana Breach motorcycle accident lawyer, you can contact us anytime and it doesn’t cost you anything to see what we can offer you and your claim. The best part is you won’t have to pay us a dime until we win your case.

On top of that, if you do not have insurance or cannot afford the proper healthcare that you need, we may be able to help you get treatment with no up-front costs. Contact Brad and his team to see how they can help you.

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