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Imperial Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Following a motorcycle accident there is a lot of pain and confusion. After seeking medical help, make sure you obtain the crucial information necessary.

Do You Have a Case For Compensation?

Some people might be nervous to pursue legal action after a motor vehicle accident because they are unsure if they have a case and also because they believe it will be a costly and time consuming process. They are wrong on both counts, here at Nakase Law Firm, we work on a contingent fee basis so we don’t get paid until there is a successful resolution to the case. Also there are generally two main questions to ask to determine whether you have a case for legal action.

  1. Was the accident at least partially due to the negligence of another party?
  2. Has the accident caused yourself or a family member serious injury?

If you have answered yes to both of those questions then we would recommend seeking out the services of a personal injury lawyer, specifically someone who specializes in Imperial Beach motorcycle accidents like our team. We will be able to review the facts of your accident and advise on what kind of compensation you are due and the best course of action to take.

The nature of insurance companies is to try and reduce their payout as much as possible so it would be best not to speak to them until you have consulted a personal injury attorney. They will often try and twist your words to show that either the accident was partially or completely your fault, or that your injuries are not as serious as you claim. Specifically, do not discuss who you believe is to blame or what happened until you have had a chance to run through the details with your attorney. In many cases your lawyer will be able to speak to the insurance companies and file the claims on your behalf so you will not need to speak to them directly.

At the scene of an accident always insist a police report is taken at the scene. This will come in handy when your account conflicts with the other party’s. The police report will contain the events as the damage to the vehicles show and witness accounts attest. This will have a lot more bearing as evidence than the accounts of drivers and passengers that are traumatized and injured from the accident. Contact us at Nakase Law Firm to review the facts of your case and see if you are able to claim further compensation.

Should I Make My Own Personal Injury Claim Or Should I Consult A Lawyer? Is There A Specific Type Of Lawyer I Should Use?

It is understandable to try and settle the matter quickly and move on with your life, especially if you are left with PTSD following a motorcycle accident in Imperial Beach. In theory it is possible to file a claim by yourself, especially if the case is quite easy due to obvious liability due to a negligent driver, or minor injuries that only require the initial medical bill and motorcycle damages to be covered. However, if there are any complicated elements to your case then we would suggest to contact a lawyer.

If you are planning on representing yourself for a simple insurance claim then be aware that insurance companies operate in their own best interest. They hire lawyers to word policies and investigate claims in a way that ensures they pay out as little money as possible. Phone calls to discuss details of the case will be recorded and every word choice will be analyzed to see if it can be used against you. Unfortunately, when deciding on a settlement amount they also take into account how much information they think the victim has as to how much compensation they are owed and how likely they are to fight their case. Therefore by employing an attorney, you are already giving yourself an advantage.

When selecting a lawyer, choose a personal injury attorney who operates in your town as they will have a thorough understanding of the laws of local and state courts and they will have likely dealt with a number of the insurance companies before. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingent fee basis so won’t be paid unless your claim is successful. Where possible choose a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents like the team at Nakase Law Firm. They will be experts in how to file these claims and give you an accurate idea of what compensation you are due. Selecting a lawyer who is an expert in motorcycle accidents in Imperial Beach will show the other side that you are taking your case seriously so you are more likely to get reasonable settlement offers in the first place and therefore your case to be settled quickly.

The Insurance Company Has Offered Me A Juicy Settlement Amount, Should I Accept It?

Insurance companies are a business and therefore their only goal is to maximize their profit through keeping insurance settlements as low as possible and resolved as quickly as possible. Therefore it is extremely unlikely their settlement offer will be the amount you are actually due. Even if their settlement offer covers the damage to your motorcycle and your medical bills, you could be due more money. If you had to take any time off work due to your injuries you could be eligible for lost wages compensation, if your injury requires follow up medical attention, you could be eligible to be compensated for that. Similarly, if you require therapy for PTSD or anxiety following the accident that could also win you extra compensation. None of these things will be taken into account by an insurance company when they offer a settlement.

Insurance companies will often be in touch immediately after your Imperial Beach motorcycle accident and often offer to visit you in hospital. They will make it seem like they want to get the matter sorted as quickly as possible so you can move on for your life. Don’t let their tactics ensnare you, they want you to give you the settlement while you are vulnerable, while you are still on heavy pain medication, or worried about medical bills or not having a motorcycle. You do not have to accept a settlement right away, think over it and consult a lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accidents if you think you are due more than they are offering.

How Much Compensation Can I Claim?

It is impossible to put a value to the compensation a motorcycle accident victim is due without knowing the full facts of the case. California state law covers a range of situations which someone without legal training might not be aware of. Factors that are considered under the law are medical bills, future medical bills, therapy, lost wages, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, future employability, and much more. Our personal injury lawyers at Nakase Law Firm will be able to delve into the circumstances of the accident as well as your injuries and how they are likely to affect your life and come up with an amount of what compensation you are eligible for. We also look into how other members of your family might be adversely impacted by your injuries as well. For example, if you are a single parent or a carer, or require care from a family member in your recovery then you might be eligible for extra compensation for their lost wages, or any other harm your lawyer deems fit.

Your attorney in Imperial Beach will consider a much wider range of factors than an insurance agent or even yourself in putting a number to your insurance claim. Therefore, if there is even an element of complexity to your insurance claim it is worth seeking legal counsel. They will offer a fair claim in your best interests.

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