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I’ve Been In A Motorcycle Accident in Escondido. Should I Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

While it is tempting to get in touch with a lawyer after any small motorcycle accident, there are some cases where a lawyer might not be necessary.

You Might Not Need Legal Assistance If:

If the case is straight forward, you might not need the assistance of a Personal Injury Attorney. Examples of when the case is really clear cut are:

  • If the other party has admitted liability and all the evidence points to their liability.
  • If medical bills and injuries are low and will heal in a timely manner with no ongoing impact on your life then the insurance company will cover those.
  • If there is nothing requiring further investigation in Escondido, such as statutes of limitation, insurance coverage, existing injuries to the body parts injured in the accident, or any aspects of the accident were complicated then you will not need the advise of an attorney.

Of course, sometimes the case will turn out to be more complicated than you thought. Then it is prudent to bring an attorney in as soon as the case is no longer straight forward. Just ensure you don’t accept any insurance settlements before consulting a lawyer if the case becomes complex.

You Should Seek The Advice of A Personal Injury Lawyer When:

Whenever the case is a little complicated or you have questions about your entitlements it is wise to get advise from a personal injury lawyer near Escondido. Our team at Nakase Law Firm have decades of experience in motorcycle accident cases and will be able to advise you on what you are entitled and represent you if necessary. Some cases where it would be wise to get in touch are:

  • When Liability is shared among parties
  • You are unsure what your claim is worth
  • You have been asked to provide medical records from prior to the accident
  • You have been made an offer by the insurance company that is below what you think your claim is worth.
  • You have been offered a structured settlement rather than a lump sum payment
  • You are unable to negotiate for yourself
  • It is difficult to prove the value of your lost wages in the case of a small business owner, consultant, or commission based wages

In any of these cases, it is wise to seek legal counsel to ensure you don’t underestimate the worth of your claim.

Seek Out Representation Immediately If:

 In cases where there are extenuating circumstances or your injuries are debilitating or long term then you should seek the services of an Escondido motorcycle accident lawyer to ensure your claim is handled properly.

  • Your claim is more valuable due to your circumstances and it is hard to put a numerical value on your loss. For example if you are a carer or a single parent there is more to take into account than simply your injuries
  • Your claim has been denied by the insurance company and you believe they are incorrect
  • The insurance company has offered a settlement but it is too low
  • Your injuries are serious and require long term recovery and/or disability
  • Your injuries are moderate but require future medical bills and potential disability
  • Liability is being disputed, but you believe you are not responsible, or only partially responsible for the accident
  • Your claim has stretched out for more than a year without signs of coming close to a settlement and you are worried about the statue of limitations.
  • There are complex circumstances surrounding your accident and further investigation is necessary.
  • You have been served a lawsuit by the other party.

If your case is not straight forward we would advise you contact us before you get in touch with your insurance company to prevent you making statements that would be damaging to your case.

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