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Solana Beach, California is a beautiful place to live or visit. Fletcher Cove Park is a wonderful place to walk and see the warm colors a sunset. But how many times have you seen a car accident on Highway 101 due to cars entering the 101 and getting T-bone.

Annually, California records thousands of car accidents ranging from fender benders to high impact collisions, all of which can cause serious harm to the people involved.

Irrespective of how carefully you drive, you might get involved in an accident Solana Beach. However, if you or members of your family sustain an injury in a car accident, a Solana Beach car accident lawyer can help you secure money damages you deserve.

Popular Causes of Car Accidents in San Diego

Usually, most car accidents in Solana Beach are as a result of errors on a driver’s part. These mistakes include:

  1. Speeding
  2. Wrong turning
  3. Driving under the Influence (DUI)
  4. Careless driving
  5. Violation of traffic signs
  6. Driving amid distractions
  7. Driving despite fatigue
  8. Teenage driving

Apart from these driver errors, issues such as vehicle manufacturer error, poor road conditions, and bad weather can result in car accidents.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Solana Beach

When any of the above situations result in an accident, these are the possible car accident injuries which follow:

  1. Lacerations and bruises
  2. Broken bones and fractures
  3. Whiplash
  4. Head injuries
  5. Neck injuries
  6. Brain injuries (Traumatic Brain Injury, for example)
  7. Spinal cord injuries
  8. Death

The degree of a car accident injury is largely dependent on the severity of a crash. To illustrate, serious collisions can lead to traumatic injuries including quadriplegia and paraplegia in a car accident victim. At other times, a fatal accident could result in the worst condition – wrongful death.

More importantly, it is essential that you seek medical attention immediately after an accident as minor injuries or discomfort may not be easily noticeable. Refusing to get checked may affect your health or even complicate your injury claim.

How to Prove Driver Negligence in Car Accidents in Solana Beach

How do you ensure that your car accident claim sails through successfully? Consider the following factors associated with negligence:

  1. The other driver was expected to drive his/her vehicle with care
  2. He/she acted on the contrary
  3. Their wrong actions resulted in an automobile accident
  4. You sustained some injuries and financial losses from the crash

Another significant thing to note is that you can make a claim against your city, county or state if your accident was the direct result of road defects, inaccurate traffic signs, non-functional streetlights, or other related issues.

However, it’s vital that you inform the agency in question within 6 months of your accident by providing a notice of claim before you file a lawsuit.

In terms of car accidents resulting from car defects, you should file a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Actions You should Take after a Car Accident in Solana Beach
  • Dial 911 for help
  • Get medical assistance
  • Gather information including contact and insurance details from the other driver and witnesses of the car accident
  • Keep a copy of the police report (this is valuable evident for filing a case)
  • Take shots of your injuries, car damage, and the accident scenery (ask for help with this if you aren’t in the best condition to do take the shots)
  • Avoid communicating with the other party’s insurance company. Usually, an adjuster will contact you to gather information and propose a small offer for your losses. Instead, hire a car accident lawyer to speak with them in your behalf and file your claim if the insurance company proves difficult.
  • Ensure you receive expert medical treatment for a successful recovery and keep documents pertaining to tests, surgeries, medications, doctor visits, and therapy sessions as they all are necessary papers for preparing your case.
Filing a Car Accident Insurance Claim

In California, before you can file a car accident claim, the other driver must be liable for the crash. And this is most relevant to insurance procedures.

Also, if you were partially responsible for a car accident, the percentage of your error will be deducted from the amount you’re to recover. To illustrate, if 25% of your actions caused a car accident, instead of receiving $30,000 in damages, you get $22, 500.

No doubt, identifying fault in car accidents is often complex and this step will greatly influence your claim’s worth. With the help of a reputable car accident lawyer, you can tackle such difficulties with ease. Through efficient investigations and accurate collection of evidence, Nakase Law Firm will fight for you and prove the other driver’s fault.

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