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Santee, California is a community that is family oriented; Santee is also a community with places to visit with the kids: Santee Lakes, Creation of Earth History Museum. Santee also has an average of 5-10 fatal car accidents per month.

Many car crashes do not lead to litigation because those involved usually want to decide with their insurers to avoid the trial process. In spite of this, some situations necessitate litigation to enable the recovery of your compensation when involved in a car crash. In situations where the accident was grisly, and it led to harm or loss of life, or if there is a refusal of the insurance to give a fair compensation that would cover the cost of crash damages.

Insurance Companies Low-balling Tactics

An insurer may lower the actual amount of damage suffered in an accident or attach little importance to the cover allowed in assisting you in recovery from a car accident. If an insurer is unwilling to pay the full settlement of a car accident claim, your best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve is to have a lawyer that will come to an agreement with the insurer on a fair and ensure that your rights as a victim are not abused.

Car crashes can be a costly experience in terms of medical fees, motor vehicle repairs, and loss of income. Indemnification from an accident that was not caused by you provides a critical monetary and medical support to you as a victim.

In most instances, insurers do not provide sufficient compensation amounts that can neither pay for basic nor partial damages stipulated in the accident claim. Hiring a skilled lawyer that is knowledgeable of the ploys used by insurers increase the odds for you to be compensated. Attorney Brad Nakase is a former insurance defense lawyer who knows the insurance companies lowball tactics. He is ready to protect your interests as your Santee car accident lawyer.

Money Damages

If our negotiating with the insurer does not bear a settlement that is reasonable, we may as well file for a lawsuit in personal injury to pursue additional damages, which may consist of both economic and noneconomic damages. Your Santee car accident lawyer protect your interest by securing the highest money compensation for your injuries.

Bills, costs, and loss of property are meant to be cushioned by economic damages, which provide cover for the struggle you have endured in monetary terms. These include:

  • Medication costs.
  • Declined wages.
  • Being hampered from future income earning.
  • Vehicle destruction.

Noneconomic damages are the nonfinancial suffering and losses incurred as a result of the accident translated to monetary value. These may include:

  • Bodily harm.
  • Discomfort and anguish
  • Loss of life
  • Being maimed.

The state bases its compensation awards for personal injury and damage to property cases on the “comparative negligence” rule. When this rule is applied, the fault level of causing the accident by both parties will be examined by a jury. If you are found to have contributed to 20percent of the accident while you filed for a $1000 claim in damages, your award will be $800.

Statute of Limitation

Personal injury victims are required to file claims within a two year period by the state law after being involved in an accident or on the discovery of masked harm. You will be barred from pursuing claims if the two year window period elapses without you filing for a claim. Your Santee car accident lawyer will protect your interest by filing a lawsuit before the statute of limitation expires.

Car Accident Checklist

It is crucial to follow a number of steps when involved in an accident because many people usually become overwhelmed and disoriented in an accident ordeal. These steps are outlined below:

  • Seeking medical attention after a car accident
    Although you may feel unhurt in a car accident, there may be some concealed injuries that, if left untreated, will have a severe effect. Seeking immediate medical attention after being involved in a car accident will enable you to get documentation as evidence that the harm was a result of the accident. Taking longer to see a physician will make it harder to prove that the injury cause was an accident.

  • Exhaustively collecting information after the accident.
    Collecting information after an accident can assist in proving your claim and who was liable for the car accident. Be sure to exchange information with the other party involved, have snapshots of the involved vehicles, damaged property, and the accident scene for future reference for a claim. Reports from the police, hospital documentation and other evidence from the accident scene would be important in supporting your claim if you did not succeed in taking pictures or information from other drivers involved in the accident.

  • Contact your insurer, report the incident, and start the claim process
    You may go for legal options if the insurer is uncooperative if the offered amount in damages is too little.

  • Immediately after an accident, consult with a Santee Car Accident Lawyer.
    There is a two-year limit to file a car accident injury claim in this state. It means that those who sustain injuries from an accident caused by others cannot file a lawsuit for compensation after two years have elapsed. On the other hand, it can be hard to handle an insurance firm after a car crash.

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Having a car crash lawyer will ensure the protection of your rights and that you are not wrongfully and also that you get fair compensation. If we do not succeed in negotiating a reasonable pay, we will assist in filing additional litigation in personal harm to receive reasonable compensation.

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