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Oceanside, California, is the first city drivers on I-5 south comes to when coming to San Diego County. As we all had experienced, heavy traffic congestion are typical from Camp Pendleton to Leucadia or further south.

In California, news and stories of tragic motor accidents are a daily occurrence. There are various regions that have high traffic fatality rates in the country, making driving in the region dangerous. Dense population and inadequate roads expose the people of Oceanside to high chances of being in an accident at least in their life.


Major Causes of Car Accidents in Oceanside, California

The term “accident” is used in many places, but the right term should be “auto collisions”, they all have a trigger which means that crashes are never accidents but the result of somebody’s carelessness, product failure or other surrounding factors. These are the most prevalent car accident causes in Oceanside:

  • Dilapidated roads: In some cases, government institutions may be partly answerable for car crashes and injuries resulting from accidents because of the poor maintenance of roads that makes the roads dangerous to drive on.

  •  Errors committed by the driver: Most accidents can be traced back to driver’s carelessness when behind the wheel, be it over speeding, neglecting traffic lights or driving under drug or alcohol influence, a driver that risks the lives of others can be made accountable for the harm that occurs. 

  • Mechanical Failure: Accidents that occur due to mechanical failure of the vehicle because of a faulty part can lead to liability of the product which will make the manufacturer responsible for injuries and damages caused.


Injuries resulting from motor vehicle collisions

Several types of damages can be claimed in a lawsuit by a victim injured in a car crash. One example is medical fees spent on treatment of injuries that resulted from the accident. Injuries may vary from moderate to severe. Injuries mostly consist of:

  • Injuries on the head and the back.  Injury to the head and the spinal cord are the most fearsome and serious outcome of motor vehicle accident injury, fractures on the cranium, dislocated bone disks and disability often time leaves the victims incapacitated making them unable to perform tasks and remained in great pain.     

  • Injury to the brain. Car crash accidents often result in Traumatic brain injury (TBI)  which may range from a mild shock to a coma and have scars that are physically, psychologically and emotionally long-lasting. It is expensive to treat these scars because of the complications involved medically; this usually leaves the victims financially drained. 

  • Whiplash and Injuries to the neck. An abrupt and violent pull of the neck often causes serious injuries. The most common car accident injury is whiplash which mostly occurs on the back of the vehicle collisions.

  • Broken bones.  Bones can be broken or displaced by the excessive force of a high-velocity bump in a flash. The injuries resulting from the accident can take months or years to heal while at the same time rendering the victims unable to work.

  • Cruel Death.  Death may be considered the last harm a car accident victim can suffer. When a death occurs, the remaining relatives and loved ones can petition for a wrongful death suit against the liable driver or individual.

Your Oceanside car accident lawyer will protect your interest by securing the most money for your injuries.

Steps to be taken after a car crash accident

Car accidents are usually sudden, meaning that your life is forever changed when you get involved in an accident. Nonetheless, do not forget the crucial steps to follow during the emergency, record the minutes, days and months since the occurrence of the crash. The post-accident tips to be followed in order to protect your legal rights include:

  • Seeking medical attention. After an accident, you should seek medical checkup from a qualified doctor even if you don’t feel hurt because adrenaline rush experienced during emergency situations often masks pains and injuries that eventually shows up.

  • Collect information.  When still at the accident scene, glean for as much information such information may include eyewitnesses’ narratives and information to contact them, snapshots of the accident scene, names and the other driver’s insurance firm, damaged vehicle parts etc. ensure to keep the documentation including receipts concerned with the accident or medical treatment receipts from the crash for future use.

  • Inform your insurer. When informed about the accident, your insurer will ask some questions and assign you an agent to assist in handling your case.

  • Call 911.  When you are involved in an accident, your safety that of the passengers and the other driver should be prioritized. If no one has already called the police, do so. Find out if someone has been injured in the accident and requires immediate medical care. Ensure to cooperate with the police when they get to the scene and request for a copy of the abstract to keep for your future reference.

  • Never accept liability. You should never accept liability to eyewitnesses, the authorities, the other driver or agents from an insurance firm at any time because accepting liability could jeopardize future claims for your damages. Therefore, all matters relating to the accident should be left for your lawyer to handle.  

  • Consulting an Oceanside Car Accident Lawyer.  Apart from fighting for your legal rights, a highly-qualified personal injury lawyer with vast background experience in handling car crash cases will skillfully walk you through the arduous and frustrating process of filing an injury claim in the state.

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