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La Mesa’s attractions from Mount Helix Park to Lake Murray are excellent places for family outings; you will have to drive there. Irrespective of the steps taken to reduce road accidents and enlighten the public on safety tips while driving, the statistics for deaths caused by car accidents in the U.S. remain rather alarming. Car accidents in La Mesa, California are equally overwhelming. How can getting a La Mesa car accident lawyer to be advantageous?

With a professional car accident lawyer in La Mesa, California, you can receive reasonable compensation. You stand a better chance to get more than an insurance company could ever guarantee.

La Mesa Car Accidents Statistics

The City of La Mesa is centered by Interstate 8 passes, State Route 94,  State Route 125. Some of the most dangerous intersections for auto accidents and motorcycle wrecks are:

  • Severin Drive/I-89
  • 70th Street/I-8
  • Spring Street/I-8
  • Dallas Street/Route 125
  • Baltimore Drive/I-8
  • Amaya Drive/Fletcher Parkway
  • Jackson Drive/I-8
  • Grossmont Center Drive/I-8
  • Wakarusa Street/Route 125

The  National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that San Diego and La Mesa, California recorded a minimum of 15,000 ghastly automotive accidents annually. Major roads including the entry and exit lanes of Highway 8 are popular locations for deadly accidents. After a car accident in La Mesa, an injured driver is often ambulated to the nearest hospital which is Sharp Grossmont Hospital, located at 5555 Grossmont Center Dr, La Mesa, CA 91942.

Now, across the United States, while over 40,000 persons lose their lives in such accidents, at least 2.5 million individuals suffer injuries of varying degrees – bruises, scrapes, fractures, brain injuries, deformations of the face or other body parts, stroke and paralysis, and death.

No doubt, the average American, especially city dwellers, faces a daily threat in the form of automobile accidents to their lives. Such accidents often result in not only injuries but also huge, unforeseen expenses to the victims and the driver responsible. Many times, careful drivers also sustain injuries as a result of the carelessness or negligence of other drivers.

Below are common factors which determine the severity of car accidents in La Mesa, California:

  1. Road conditions
  2. Driving at high speeds
  3. Proper use of seat belts
  4. Unsettled automobile repairs
  5. Driving abilities of the driver
  6. The specific time of the day the accidents

When a car accident occurs, the lives of victims are changed in a few seconds. Not only do they have to forego their trips, but they also have to worry about receiving expert medical care to speed up their recovery.

Other major concerns such as lost wages, pain and suffering, rehabilitation, and psychiatric assistance (where needed) can be grouped under compensation. How does a victim receive justice for these situations and more?

Getting Help from a Car Accident Lawyer in La Mesa

Car accident victims who decide to settle for what insurance companies offer gain little compared to those who consult with personal injury lawyers. Why?

Many insurance companies place low value on car accidents, providing only a small amount to victims. The token these companies pay is hardly ever sufficient for victims to receive quality health care and pay their bills. In the long run, the victims of accidents where the driver was negligent receive less than they deserve.

Don’t accept the claim that your case is worth little or nothing. Every car accident has devastating impacts. This fact is why talking to La Mesa car accident attorneys for crashes in La Mesa, California proves advisable.

Do you want to have to deal with the perplexity of comprehending new comparative fault systems and complicated insurance policies? If your answer is NO, then you should not choose an insignificant payment over your well-deserved compensation.

Instead, speak with a car accident lawyer in La Mesa before you receive any settlement from your insurance company. A professional personal injury lawyer should fit these criteria:

  • Has a good understanding of the legal system and a strong background in personal injury relating to car accidents
  • Understands a client’s rights and has a high client success rate
  • Has what it takes to obtain the due compensation for helping their client meet their needs and alleviate their pain
  • Knows that “wrongful death” covers car accidents which lead to death.

Free Consultation with a Lawyer About Liability and Medical Bills

In sum, you must choose car accident lawyer who understands the nitty-gritty of car accidents in La Mesa, California and can make the process of filing a claim rewarding. If you have recently been involved in a car accident in La Mesa, California, act fast and contact a personal injury lawyer.

At Nakase Law Firm, we have great experiences with car accidents in La Mesa and personal injuries or resultant deaths. We affirm that recovering from a car accident can be long and stressful for accident victims and their loved ones.

We’re ready to help you gain your rightful compensation and justice. Contact us for a free consultation, and an estimate of the value of your case. Plus, for car accidents, you pay only when our case succeeds.

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