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Carlsbad is no doubt a tourist destination with Legoland, and miles of beautiful coastline.  Nevertheless, Carlsbad is not without its car accidents which averages nearly forty per month.

Many people within and around the San Diego are unable to pay their medical bills from a car accident because of injuries suffered in the accidents. Should you fall victim to a crash in the Carlsbad, please contact attorney Brad Nakase as your Carlsbad car accident lawyer: 619-550-1321.

In Americadaily life is threatened by car accidents, which go much higher in many urban areas. Sadly even the most careful driver may be at risk of getting into an accident when using the same road with unqualified, drawn away or careless drivers.

Although there have been recent improvements and mass awareness on car safety, damning statistics point to vehicle accidents to be one of the leading death causes every year in the United States of America. Over 2.5million Americans are wounded and more than 40,000 deceased in road carnage. A lot of grisly road accidents occur when drivers over speed and on major roads such as Interstate 5 that leads runs through the Carlsbad area.

Various factors such as buckling up when driving, state of the road, condition of the vehicle, and time of the day to determine the intensity of a car accident. Within a blink of an eye, users of a car that gets involved in a crash can witness the journey becoming usual or a wreck. Various fatalities in accidents suffer ranging injuries such as bruises and scrapes, fractured bones, whiplash, disfigured faces, passivity, concussions, and lastly, loss of life of a car accident survivor. After surviving an accident, securing sufficient medical care is usually the start of the long-suffering of the victim for justice and repay for issues like ongoing medication, pain and suffering endured, required psychiatric attention, lost income, and needed professional care.

Do insurance companies want you to believe that your claim is worth less than it should be?

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It is not easy to deal with the outcome of a car accident because of the complicated insurance rules coupled with a comparative fault system, which compound the misunderstanding on the rights of car accident victims. This has seen some accident victims let go of much of their deserved compensation for a token of small payment from insurance companies because of a lack of understanding that they may get more compensation when harm is caused to them by careless drivers of the road. The little token paid to victims is not usually enough to even commence payment of costs related to the accident.

To get fair compensation, accident survivor is advised to discuss their case with a personal injury lawyer before agreeing to any settlement. Brad Nakase understands the legal system and the rights of his clients and will help them in getting the settlement they truly deserve as opposed to the little token that does not cover their needs neither recognize the injury and suffering endured. (should the car accident victim die, the cases may be classified “wrongful death”, whereby relatives should into refund with the help of Brad Nakase.

Brad Nakase has extensive experience in injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents as he relates to responsibility and comprehending how hard it is for car accident victims, including their relatives. Our dedication to assisting clients in getting justice and fair settlement is supported by many won cases and a good image in the legal fraternity both in the Carlsbad and the neighboring areas.

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