Necessity of a Life Care Planner after a Catastrophic Trucking Accident

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Hundreds of people meet debilitating truck accidents every year in San Diego and other cities across the United States. I’ve represented clients in cases involving spinal cord injuries resulting in quadriplegia or Paraplegia; also, cases involving trucking accidents victim who suffered severe brain injury who were brain dead. These severe brain and spinal injuries are very sad and a burden for the victims’ family.

Unfortunately, many truck accident victims end up in crippling injuries that occur in different forms and prove life-altering.

There are several major resources that could be availed by such persons, including an array of different types of medical professionals and attorneys.

Most victims of a catastrophic big rig accident are unaware of life care planners, who could be of invaluable assistance in the aftermath of a truck wreck resulting in permanent disability.

What is a Life Care Plan?

It is important to understand the role that a life care planner can play in the life of a person who has experienced catastrophic injury through something like a truck accident. But before comprehending the role of a life care planner, a life care plan itself must be understood.

A life care plan is defined as a dynamic document that evolves over time. Its goal is to provide an organized, concise and comprehensive plan to address the present and future needs of a person hit and incapacitated in an accident.

A variety of factors is considered while preparing a life care plan. These not only include the needs and goals of the victim themselves but also those of their family. The resources available in a particular region are also considered for this purpose.

In developing a life care plan, a detailed review is made of the existing documents and resources. The medical records and the medical treatment plan developed for the patient is examined, with input from treating physicians. Any research relevant to the type of incapacitation afflicting the person is also taken into account while preparing the life care plan.

Who is a Life Care Planner?

A life care planner is more of an educator than an advocate. He or she is required to maintain a certain level of objectivity while making recommendations for a person disabled in a truck accident. The recommendations are based on the different sources of information and data used for creating the life care plan.

The recommendations include instituting attainable rehabilitation and other goals for the affected person. A life care planner should be able to effectively communicate the nature of the limitations of the incapacitated person. Charged with being an educator, the planner must also suggest ways for addressing the disability to optimize the potentially positive elements in that person’s life.

Why is a Life Care Planner Needed?

The best attorneys who deal with truck accident cases use a life care planner to calculate the future costs of medical care for the affected person.

The planners also provide invaluable testimony regarding the current and future medical needs of the victim. Life care planners are thus an important element of a successful personal injury case in many instances.

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