Ten Common Tricks of Child Sexual Predators

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The offer trick

A molester would often offer a victim something they might want. A young target might be offered a candy, gum or toy; a teen might be lured with free food, money, or a trip to some exciting place. Sometimes a predator will take away a valued belonging of the victim and offer to return it only if the child agrees to the offender’s demands.

The animal trick

Sometimes the victim is lured away to some isolated place through an invitation to play with, or get a gift of a kitten, puppy or some other cute animal or bird.

The help trick

Offender asks the child for directions or to use their phone, or carry some heavy stuff. Or, he may ask the child to help him search for someone or something lost – like a pet or another child.

The emergency trick

In this trick, the molester pretends that a fire, accident, or some other emergency has occurred to the victim child’s family, friend, or home.

The family friend trick

The predator pretends to know the family of the victim and says that the parents of the child have asked him/her to give the child a ride home. Or, the offender pretends to have a mutual friend with the child’s parents and uses it as a lure to separate the victim from others.

The flattery trick

The offender might ask the victim child or teen to go with him posing as a photographer to take pictures or record a video for a sports team, newspaper article, survey, acting, or modeling.

The bad-kid trick

The offender accuses the child of doing something wrong and the child is ordered to go with that person. Sometimes the predator will even produce a real-looking fake badge or ID as proof of their official status. In some cases, a child/teen will be convinced by someone they know and trust that their parents do not want them around anymore because he or she is a troublemaker or an obstacle to their happiness.

The open-the-door trick

The offender tricks the victim into opening the door of their car or house by posing as a delivery man, a mechanic or some other service provider. Sometimes even a minor car accident is staged to make the victim pull over and open the door of their vehicle.

The secret trick

In many cases the victims are warned by the offenders to keep silent about physical or sexual harassment because: No one will trust or believe them, it is their own (victim’s) fault, their family and friends will be annoyed or they will reject them upon knowing, or something terrible will happen to them or their loved ones if they tell. The victimization continues over an extended period of time because the victim fears the threats could be true.

Networking trick

More and more children and teens are being lured into dangerous situations by habitual offenders on the internet. The contact usually starts as harmless conversations, but then the predator asks the victim for a face-to-face meeting, or their messages become increasingly sexual in content.


What to Do If You Catch A Molester?

Sexual abuse is a serious crime. If you believe someone has molested your child or any other child, do not try to handle it yourself! When caught, a predator will always say that it was their “first time” and he will also promise never to do it again. But he will be lying and he is good at it. Call the police and report abuse! The best thing one could for one’s own child and for the other children (past or potential victims of the predator) is to report the crime to the authorities. If a molester has preyed on your child, he will do it to others too unless he’s stopped.


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