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Childhood molestation often brings devastating life changes and can negatively impact personality development as well as corrupt personal relationships. It can rob one’s childhood and replace happiness with remorse and suffering for the survivor and their family.

No amount of money can undo the damage done to a victim and their family by a molester. However, suing a church, school, camp operator, Boy Scouts, or any other third party that failed to oversee and prevent sexual abuse is the only financially worthwhile course. Bringing a case against a third party is often necessitated because most molesters do not have enough assets to secure the funds necessary for medical needs, counseling and long-term disability which could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Homeowners insurance can no longer be used to pay for the damages caused by molestation.

If your own child or a kid you know has suffered molestation, sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape, and a third party failed to protect him or her, contact Nakase Law Firm at 619-550-1321 immediately to discuss your options, legal rights that we can help you secure.

Child Sexual Abuse Facts That You Should Know

Children who report molestation often have to tell several individuals before proper action is taken. Keep in mind that it is rare for a child to lie about sexual abuse. If a victim child approaches you for help, take them seriously.

Research on sexual abuse cases has brought out these important facts.

  • Child molesters are mostly men.
  • They are often a person known to both the child and their parents.
  • As much as 60% of child abusers are not family members but are known to the child. They may be neighbors, family friends, teachers, camp counselors, or club leaders.
  • This might be quite shocking for many people but approximately 30% of child sexual abusers are family members. They can be fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers or cousins.
  • Childhood molestation in the U.S. is more rampant than usually thought. It occurs every day in communities and families just like yours.
  • Approximately one out of every six boys and one out of every four girls is molested in the United States.

Predators usually exploit positions of authority by creating a sense of friendship and trust with the victim child. Many of them will continue the crime over time by demanding secrecy of abuse by terming it a “special” or “loving” relationship.

Instead of using force, molesters often “groom” the child through manipulative tactics, which include giving gifts and treats, offering money and drugs, exposing the children to pornography, and taking them for special activities.

Child sexual abusers are mostly men who have placed them in positions where they are trusted to teach, guide or serve children. The list includes teachers, priests, ministers, club leaders, coaches, camp counselors, doctors, therapists, guards, and school volunteers.

The Effects Of Childhood Sexual Assault

The psychological wounds of childhood molestation can be life-long with devastating consequences in different facets of the victim’s life. It incurs huge emotional, and even financial, costs to the victims and their families.

These effects can include:

  • Physical injuries
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Severe emotional pain
  • Loss of self-esteem and damage to self-worth as well as self-confidence
  • Post-traumatic stress PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and different other psychological issues

Children who are given therapy soon after being sexually abused have the best chances of recovery as they develop the understanding that what occurred to them was not their fault. Delayed discovery of molestation and delayed counseling can take a devastating toll on the victims and require years of support and therapy.

Hold Molesters Accountable

For over a decade, Nakase Law Firm has relentlessly pursued every possible avenue available out there to make sure that children who have suffered sexual abuse get all the help they will need throughout their lives. We help the victims and their families get the funds they will require for the medical and psychological treatment and support.

Nakase Law Firm advocates for its clients in the best possible manner and we invite you to read views of our clients about our service. We work on a contingency fee basis i.e. we don’t charge unless you make a recovery.

If you or someone you know has ever been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape, contact us to discuss your rights and the legal care we can offer. Call 619-550-1321 or send us an email.

We Keep Confidentiality

As a matter of policy, Nakase Law Firm keeps the lawsuit and the results confidential and avoids unnecessary publicity. There have been a few exceptions though where the case was tried in open court and a last-minute settlement had to be placed on the record.

Prior Accusations Against Molesters Are Common

In most cases when a family comes to us, we find out that:

  • The accused had prior accusations of sexual abuse by other children.
  • The accusations were downplayed or dismissed without investigation. The offender received only a reprimand or a transfer but no official charges. In some cases, the molester was dismissed from service quietly but not charged with the offense.
  • Nothing concrete was done to get the alleged predator away from their future prey.

The employer or the board that governs an accused would usually dismiss or downplay the accusations or engage in an outright cover-up for the sake of their own reputation. And, doing nothing to protect the children often results in the molester targeting other kids in the future.

We Have Pursued Legal Action On Behalf Of Childhood Abuse Survivors

Nakase Law Firm has successfully pursued legal action against the offenders of child abuse as well as organizations that neglected or tried to protect the predators. The accused we contested against included:

  • Accused molesters
  • Schools and school districts
  • Providers of medical care
  • Government agencies
  • Child care service providers

What to Do If You Catch A Molester?

Sexual abuse is a serious crime. If you believe someone has molested your child or any other child, do not try to handle it yourself! When caught, a predator will always say that it was their “first time” and he will also promise never to do it again. But he will be lying and he is good at it. Call the police and report abuse! The best thing one could for one’s own child and for the other children (past or potential victims of the predator) is to report the crime to the authorities. If a molester has preyed on your child, he will do it to others too unless he’s stopped.

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**We do not represent molesters or those who are accused of sexual harassment.

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