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For both traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries, prompt medical attention is important. A traumatic brain injury stems from any knock or bump to your head and is most often caused by car accidents or sporting injuries. Acquired brain injuries, on the other hand, are a net term for any injuries from birth until death. These are most commonly caused by internal complications such as strokes.

TBIs are constantly on the rise, and they are very common yet also life-threatening injuries. Time is of the essence in getting a prognosis for your injury.

What Happens Immediately After the Injury Occurs?

When a person is placed in a hospital following a head injury, they will most like need to be stabilized and be monitored 24/7. This will help you to make sure your basic functions are taken care of such as breathing and swallowing.

If the injury is of a certain degree, you may even require brain surgery. This will be quickly initiated because, in any brain injury, time is crucial. It is also too important to recognize that not only severe brain injuries require surgery; instead, the requirement for surgeries vary.

A large majority of patients with brain injuries will stay in an intensive care unit until they are stable enough to survive on their own with no problems

Predictors for Brain Injury Prognoses

When seeking medical attention, the medical professional will refer to these indicators in order to come to a prognosis about your injury. Every injury and patient differs. Some of these indicators include:

  • Age: Generally, a recovery prognosis will decline with increasing age.
  • Glasgow Coma Scale: This allows medical professionals to assess coma and consciousness for brain injuries.
  • Location of Injury: The location of the brain injury will determine what functions may be impaired. Every part of the brain serves a different function.
  • Time Spent in Coma: Your time spent in a coma can affect your consciousness or amnesia. This may affect the overall recovery time.

Recovery Period for Brain Injuries

The brain’s automatic reaction is to repair itself and heal itself. However, this depends on how severe your brain injury is. The brain will attempt to heal itself by mending the bruises and reduce any swelling that may have occurred. Any brain cells that are damaged will begin to function again within a few weeks.

Physical rehabilitation is very common following brain injuries. Physical therapy helps your brain to retain any neurons that may have been damaged or lost in the injury and will help with physical skills.

Prognosis is never a clear determiner and is dependent on the patient themselves. Even though TBIs are a leading cause of death or permanent disability, it is not guaranteed that a person who suffers from TBIs will experience either of these.

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