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As a business lawyer in California, I have experience representing clients in a wide variety of business disputes. I’ve served hundred million dollars companies to the family owned nails salons. Additionally, I’ve served as counsel to many different companies across various industries, such as iron/ore mining and steel manufacturing, construction companies, and the local sandwich shop where I purchased lunch. I strive to form relationships with every business I serve in order to provide them with the best legal services possible.

I Am Responsive

My broad experience in business allows clients to receive legal counsel quickly with little to no learning curve. I promise to be a tenacious force in protecting my clients’ interest.  Whether it is complex financial matters, complex insurance issues, or voluminous accounting documents, I’ve invited my clients to speak on my behalf:


California Derivative Action Lawyer

Atia Co. LP v. Darwin Ting et. al.

“As a retired accountant for a major company, I am detail oriented and enjoy searching for numbers that do not make sense. Brad Nakase was great at analyzing over twenty thousand pages of financial and accounting documents, and after trial, won millions of dollars.” S.N.

California Real Estate Lawyer

Barker et. al. vs. Hayashi et. al.

“Brad went after powerful real estate syndicates that defrauded investors out of tens of millions of dollars. While other lawyers expressed mild interest, Brad Nakase accepted the case, relentlessly went after the perpetrators, and won nearly $2 million for his clients.” M.N.

Small Business Lawyer

Van Trang, small business owner.

“Brad help me stand strong against a shakedown lawsuit by predatory lawyers. I looked up the plaintiff’s law firm’s website and read their seemingly list of impressive lawyers. My business, along with several other businesses, were targets of extortionate disability lawsuits. The lawsuit demanded an exorbitant amount of money from my business which would have bankrupted my company. Other companies that were sued and I hired Brad to protect us. Brad successfully saved my business; further, Brad waived his legal fees.”


California Breach of Contract Lawyer

A contract is an agreement to do or not to do a certain thing.” Civil Code section 1549. A contract is a voluntary and lawful agreement, by competent parties, for a good consideration, to do or not to do a specified thing.

Defending Breach of Contract Lawsuit

There are nearly a dozen affirmative defenses to a breach of contract lawsuit. For example, if the contract was entered into orally, the plaintiff has not initiate the lawsuit within two years of the breach.

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